Cannabis Review: Jean Guy Oil by KKE

My Favourite Flower In Oil Form

I previously reviewed Sensi Star Oil by KKE (Khalifa Kush Enterprises) and today we’re taking a look at their Jean Guy Oil. This uses flower from 7ACRES and is extracted at MediPharms Labs in Barrie, Ontario, Canada using CO2 extraction with MCT being the carrier oil.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The information listed on the label showed 24.6mg of THC per mL and 1.46mg of CBD per mL, and in my personal view this is a high THC product. 

Just like the other KKE oil, this brand keeps the terpenes in the bottle, unlike most of the competitors by using a multi-phased approach using CO2 extraction for the highest quality output. As for what the terpene values are is anyone’s guess as they’re not listed, but the flower is dominant in myrcene and I would expect the same here. A few other notable terpenes are terpinolene, ocimene, pinene and limonene. This data was pulled from PureSinse’s medical website.


Price and Shipping

One 30mL bottle was purchased off the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) at the cost of $102.75 taxes included, which is about $3.43 per mL for 24.6 mg of THC (just under 14 cents per mg of THC). At the time I was checking other markets and saw British Columbia was selling this for $78.74 with taxes, much lower than Ontario. The cost of shipping was $5 flat plus HST (13%) with Canada Post. No free options existed as of this writing and delivery took three business days to arrive.


Smell and Appearance

Sweet and earthy would be the easiest way to describe the smell and taste. This oil had a straw yellow colour and was lighter in colour than the Sensi Star. Included in the packaging was a stopper to prevent the oil from spilling out easily and a perfectly labelled dosing dropper. I found measuring the dose was easy to use. 

Dosing and Subjective Effects

Over the course of about two weeks I tried different doses from 0.75mL (18.45mg) upwards to 1.5mL (36.9mg) in one sitting, and unlike some other oils on the market that would require me to consume more than double for the same amount. This is important as taking some oils in large volumes to obtain more THC may cause gastrointestinal distress for some. Thankfully I didn’t have those issues with this oil.

Effects felt at the lowest dose (0.75mL) were feelings of creativity, being mindful and at times a daydreamer but still able to converse with others. I felt this oil would best be used during the daytime as it may keep you up at night, however when I consumed the highest dose (1.5mL) I was restless and wanted to nap it off. Pain relief is the main reason why I use cannabis and unfortunately this seemed geared more to improve mood and enhance creativity, much like in flower form.

The effects took about 90 minutes to two hours to fully kick in each time, this didn’t matter if I held it under my tongue for a few minutes or swallowing it all at once. The total duration of effects lasted about four to five hours, with effects weaning off around the three hour mark. I do advise to eat something with the oil as this would lessen the chance of gastro issues and also increases the bioavailability when taken with some food that has fats. One of my peers on Twitter uses peanut butter every time he uses cannabis oil as the fat in butter helps the absorption. 

Keep in mind that some people may require higher or lower dosing. Always go low and slow to determine an optimal dose to ensure a good time. 


End Thought

At the end of the day I prefer to vape as the onset is quicker, but overall I found this to be a great oil to consume during the day, I just wish the cost wasn’t so high and more along the same price as Sensi Star, which I feel was a better buy for me since it helped my chronic pain better.


Cannabis Review: Jean Guy by 7ACRES

All Time Favourite For Daytime 

Jean Guy has been a favourite of mine for daytime use after trying it in June of this year. From the relief of daytime stress or needing energy to get the day going, this was the one for me.

Cannabinoid Content and Packaging

Purchased off the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) the THC range shown on the website was 13.5 to 21%, when the order arrived the THC content shown on the container was 17.87% and <0.02% CBD. This would be considered above average in terms of THC content.

Package date was June 27 2019. This was purchased September 17 with my other 7ACRES products and consumed September 22, 2019. The days between packaging and opening the container, 88 days.


Price and Shipping

The price was $13.03 per gram including tax when I purchased 3.5 grams off OCS in mid-September of 2019, and shortly after I was advised the cost went up to $14.49 per gram.   

Shipping was $5 flat using Canada Post and arrived within two days from ordering. No free shipping options exist at the time of writing with OCS.


Smell and Appearance

Sweet lemon and earthy aromas were easily identified after opening the container. Bud size varied, there was a single large bud weighing just over a gram, a handful of medium sized ones and a couple tiny pieces. All the buds were dense and no humidity pack was needed to restore the balance.


Consumption Methods

My preferred method of consumption is vaping and I primarily used the temperatures on my Mighty vaporizer with the dried flower from 170 Celsius (338F) to 185C (365F) for about seven to eight minutes.

Using a water adapter attached to my vaporizer I went higher on the temperature scale and mostly stayed around the range of 190C (374F) to 195C (383F) for about seven minutes.


Subjective Effects

I loved the way it made me feel energized, upbeat and happy. My creative thinking cap was on all while being comfortable and providing great pain relief. I did feel slightly dreamy at higher doses in a single session (0.75> grams) but still capable of having a conversation. I found the best time to consume was in the daytime or during social settings. Duration of effects lasted 90 to 120  minutes.



Keep in mind this is just a possible terpene allotment and will vary. I was able to find some terpene information on this from PureSinse who sells this on the medical side under the Supreme branding.

I was able to find that myrcene was the dominant terpene at 0.69%. The secondary terpene was terpinolene at 0.44%. Smaller amounts of others were noted as well, ocimene 0.19%, pinene 0.17% and surprisingly limonene was only at 0.12% despite the strong lemon aromas. There’s many other terpenes noted at lower amounts.  


End Thought

Jean Guy by 7ACRES is by far my favourite cultivar to date for daytime use and a must try for those buying from the retail market seeking similar experiences. The price is a reason why I won’t be buying it often from the retail side and saved for special occasions. I have part of my medical ‘script with PureSinse that Supreme Cannabis currently supplies at a lower cost, expect a review on that in November.  

Thanks for reading, my next write up will be on my second Licensed Producer Tour – 7ACRES in Kincardine, Ontario.

Cannabis Review: Jack Haze by 7ACRES

It’s All In The Terps!

I don’t buy from the retail cannabis market often as I’m a registered medical patient but decided to try a few from 7ACRES since I had positive experiences with them in the past. Jack Haze was an enjoyable cultivar and one I won’t forget by the strong smell. 


Cannabinoid Content and Packaging

When I purchased this off the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) the THC range was 16 to 22% on the website. When the order arrived the THC content shown on the container was 19.37% and <0.03% CBD. This would be considered above average in terms of THC content.

Package date was July 22 2019. This was purchased September 17 and consumed September 30. The days between packaging and opening the container, 71 days.


Price and Shipping

I purchased this the day it was released on and paid $14.27 per gram including tax since I purchased 3.5 grams. The price has slightly been adjusted and now cost $14.96 per gram. 

Shipping was $5 flat using Canada Post and arrived within two days from ordering. No free shipping options exist at the time of writing.


Smell and Appearance

Strong scents of pine and lime with slight undertones of earth were noticed. You can really smell the terpinolene with this one and I began to recall memories of Terpedo GE or Ghost Train Haze.

Most of the tight dense buds were around half a gram each, moisture content was perfect and required no humidity pack to restore the balance. Trichomes up close were visibly healthy looking.

Consumption Methods

My primary method was using my vaporizer in the temperature range of 170 to 185 Celsius (338F to 365F) for about seven to nine minutes.

Using the water adapter I managed to get to 200 Celsius (392F) and still produced a nice smooth vapour with taste intact. Since a higher temperature was applied I found my sessions to be around six minutes. 


Subjective Effects

The duration of my effects with this certain cultivar was the longest to date with close to three hours of feeling energized. I would advise others to use this during the day or when you don’t plan on sleeping for at least a few hours. I did feel slightly hazy minded at higher doses and being forgetful was common during use.



A limited amount of data on terpenes was available and this information was copied from the 7ACRES social media posts. Listed in ranges showed Terpinolene 0.60% to 0.90% as the dominant terpene, Myrcene 0.28% to 0.58%, Ocimene 0.19% to 0.40, and some Pinene 0.08 to 0.15%.


End Thought

I would buy it again but only on special occasions since the price is above my affordability to consume daily. While the price may deter someone from buying it, if you want one of the best high quality options and an enjoyable experience this is a good one to try out.

Thanks for reading, my next write up is Sensi Star by 7ACRES.

Cannabis Review: Terpedo GE by JWC

Extremely Terpy! 

If you haven’t smelled strong terpenes from cannabis before, Terpedo GE by James E. Wagner (JWC) will change that by filling the room with a sweet lemongrass scent.



As much as I want to say this is average on the potency scale, and yes it may be assumed because the THC value was only 13.16%, however this nearly toppled me over with its rich terpene content. 

My most recent order was September 3 2019, when I received my order a few days later, I saw that the package date was noted September 4th 2019.  

Price and Shipping

Exact same wording is used from my last review on this section, as the price varies from $8.67 to $11 per gram on amounts bought, I paid $11 a gram plus tax since I bought 5 grams. Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.


Smell and Appearance

An intense smell of pine and lemongrass was apparent after taking the foil seal off, visually these flowers are immaculate, perfectly trimmed and showing off its healthy looking trichomes, light green with many orange pistils, and the odd purple.  

The buds were sorta dense, slightly airy but had good give when squished. There were about nine medium size buds making up the five grams, no humidity pack was needed to restore freshness.


Consumption Methods

When my vape was set to 185C (365F) I would get about eight minutes out of my session, this was my ideal temperature as it would boil the majority of the terpenes and cannabinoids. I did try higher temperatures with my water adapter from 190 to 200C (374 to 392F), session was reduced to around six to seven minutes.



I felt content as I melted into my seat, but still had some energy and at the same time it provided great pain relief. However, I found I was sorta restless each time after consuming this cultivar, I even vaped at a lower temperature than 185C (365F) to see if the terpene terpinolene was to blame, and found it wasn’t as bad. Slight dry eyes were also common after use. Duration of effects lasted 90 to 120 minutes.

Remember when reading reviews that detail effects, that these are subjective and every person may have different outcomes.



Terpinolene (27.27%) and Pinene (26.20%) were the main contending dominant terpenes, Myrcene (17.19%) is worthwhile to note, and there were a variety of others under 10%.



This may be great cultivar to those seeking pain relief, but advising caution as I found it made me feel restless, and is the only reason why I won’t buy again. Overall, this is high quality cannabis and you can see the care that went into it. 

Thanks for reading, my next write up is on JWC, my first licensed producer review and how my tour went when I visited in August 2019.