Cannabis: Texada (Super Lemon Haze) by Broken Coast

When 20 minutes feels like an hour

Texada (Super Lemon Haze) is the third product I’ve reviewed that was grown by Broken Coast, while this is my first direct medical purchase from them. This licensed producer is based in Duncan, British Columbia and provides products for the medical and retail market.



The listed amount of THC on the bottle had a value of 14.5% with zero percent CBD, which is average on the potency scale, despite this average number and in my experience, a properly grown plant will yield greater effects than a poorly grown plant at a higher value of THC.

The container label listed the package date as May 30 2019 and I began reviewing this on July 24 2019.



This was bought directly from Broken Coast since I’m a registered medical patient of theirs and I purchased five grams of this cultivar at the cost of $10.04 per gram plus tax. Shipping was free as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $5 flat. 


Appearance and Smell

Out of the container I noticed two large light green buds with some purple leaves covered in a thick amount of trichomes with light brown pistils poking out, and the moisture is balanced perfectly which didn’t require a humidity pack after opening. The buds were dense and one was 3.08 grams in weight, while the other was around two grams. 

The cultivars name doesn’t disappoint on the aromas, a clear sweet lemon is noticed and when consumed in a vaporizer, it reminded me of those lemonhead candies.   


Consumption Methods

With the Mighty vaporizer, I found the most enjoyable temperatures were around 170C to 180C (338-356F), although I did attempt higher temperatures I found I could only handle three to four minutes before the vapour was too hot. My session length at preferred temperatures lasted around seven to eight minutes which produced lots of vapour and will boil most of the terpenes and cannabinoids.  

Oddly when smoked in joint form (1 gram) I didn’t feel as the effects as much as 0.4 grams vaporized, keep in mind this will vary person to person. The smoke was smooth and burned nicely, required no relighting and produced white ash. 



Daytime use is advised for this particular energizing product as it may keep you up at night. Doses at 0.2 grams were adequate as I felt relaxed, great for social settings and for sparking creativity.

When vaping 0.4 grams it gave intense feelings and found twenty minutes felt like an hour, it was best to stay at home and just relax. Anyone with ongoing anxiety might want to stay clear of this one. Duration of effects lasted around 90 minutes to two hours.



Listed on the Broken Coast website, Caryophyllene was the dominant terpene at 0.28%, Terpineol and Limonene were equal at 0.06%, with Pinene and Myrcene just below that.



If you want something to get energized and awake, try this before it’s gone. I was advised by email that Texada was being discontinued once stock is depleted. Many are unsure why this is happening as it’s a common favourite among others I know in the community and has become a new favourite of mine as well.

Thanks for reading!