Cannabis: Ruxton (Sour OG) by Broken Coast

High quality despite over 125 days since packaged

Ruxton (Sour OG) is a cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, a great daytime cultivar.



This cultivar by Broken Coast had a value of 22.8% THC which is considered high on the potency scale for dried flower, while miniscule amounts of CBD had a value of <0.05%.

For those tracking package dates, March 7 2019 was printed on the label and was purchased directly from Broken Coast in early July. I’ve been a bit busy this summer with other reviews and didn’t opened and review this product until August 4th, which leaves this product sitting in the container for 150 days before consuming.


Price and Shipping

The cost per gram was $11.60 plus tax, there were no discounts on amounts bought and would welcome to see that. Shipping was free as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $5 flat.


Smell and Appearance

Of the five grams I ordered, I was concerned about the date of the product as my past experience with aged flower usually doesn’t turn out great, thankfully this flower had perfect moisture and no humidity pack was needed to freshen it up. The three big buds were sticky and emitting a lemon and piney aroma with hints of fuel. 


Consumption Methods

Vaping at 176C (349F) was the best temperature I found, this boils most of the terpenes and cannabinoids with no coughing being exhibited, great amounts of vapour were also produced at this temperature. 

I had no issue vaping up to 185C (365F) as well but flavour wasn’t as optimal. Duration of each session was around seven to eight minutes per capsule with my Mighty. 

In joint form, I smoked a gram rolled up and it produced smooth smoke and nice white ash. I found the effects stronger when vaping 0.4 grams compared to a full gram smoked. 



Energized, creative and with a late body stone feeling near the end. Too much consumed in a short time frame may produce restlessness. Pain relief was good with the joint pains I deal with. 

This was best to consume during the day and the duration of effects lasted around 90 to 120 minutes.



Myrcene was the dominant terpene at 0.83%, which is quite high and may explain the body stone feeling. Caryophyllene was further behind at 0.48%, Limonene 0.33% and much lower amounts of a few others below 0.10%.



Many will enjoy this for daytime use but will note that a few hits of this might be too strong for some. This was a worthwhile product and one I’ll be purchasing again in the future as it was effective for my needs.

Thanks for reading!