Cannabis: Cold Creek Kush by Alberta Craft (Gtec) via PureSinse


Happy 30th Kush Variety!

This is my first review of a product from PureSinse, a licensed medical provider in Canada who distributes cannabis from a variety of licensed producers, today we’re looking at Cold Creek Kush by Alberta Craft (Gtec) and happens to be my 30th Kush variety.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The label on the container showed a value of 24.28% THC and 0.09 % CBD.  

Myrcene was the leading dominant terpene with a value of 1.34%. Secondary listed terpenes above a value of .10% were ocimene 0.25%, caryophyllene 0.20%, humulene 0.10%, and limonene 0.10%.


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

I purchased 3.5 grams from PureSinse, a medical producer in Canada at the cost of $11 per gram, plus taxes. The cost of shipping was free with Canada Post since my order was over $100, otherwise it would’ve been $9.49 for the cheapest shipping option.

The date on the container was noted June 4th 2019 and was ordered on October 28. I began reviewing this on November 14, which means the product was packaged for 164 days before being opened.



Smell and Appearance

With a high myrcene amount it didn’t surprise me to notice the earthy and slightly sour pine notes after opening the container, however the strength of the aromas were weak . While vaping Cold Creek Kush I noticed the taste was about the same, except no pine.

Appearances were desirable, colours of the army palette were visible with light and dark greens. The buds were dense and had a bit of a nerfy feel to them, although I did use a humidity pack to bring up the moisture content as the flower was a bit dry. I did notice when breaking up the buds some resin was left on my fingers. Under five times magnification there was a high amount of trichomes on the orange pistils.



Consumption Methods

As preferred I used this in my Mighty vaporizer and found lower temperatures were best to enjoy the flavour. Higher temperatures were okay but the loss of flavour was quick after a few minutes. I found 170C (338F) was the best temperature for flavour and had an eight minute session, while a full session at 185C (365F) resulted in six to seven minute sessions, with loss of flavour around the four minute mark.

I wanted to observe this in joint form and found the smoke was smooth, burned white ash and left a nice diesel smell on my hands.


Subjective Effects

I consume cannabis for chronic pain and this particular variety worked great on providing the relief I was seeking. I felt very relaxed and just wanted to stay in for the night. Duration of effects lasted about 90 minutes.


End Thought

I enjoyed Cold Creek Kush and will buy it again for the nights when a strong cultivar for pain relief is needed, but I wasn’t a fan of how dry the product was as I think it would’ve had more potential if it was fresher.

Thanks for reading!