Cannabis: Nightshift by Kingsway


This is my first review of a Kingsway cannabis product, it was labeled as Nightshift (Afghan OG) by the High12 company under the Kingsway brand. This is grown by Aurora Cannabis as mentioned on the label, which is based near Edmonton, Alberta.

As described on the Ontario Cannabis Store where I purchased this it notes O.G. LA Affie and Afghani lineage, which is LA Confidential.

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

THC content was 164.4mg per gram as labeled or 16.44% THC for those who prefer that terminology, which I myself agree with more on dried cannabis. 

Terpene and other cannabinoid data was minimal on the Ontario Cannabis Store website and mentions five terpenes as, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Guaiol and Caryophyllene.


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Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

The price was $8.60 per gram with taxes on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) for a container with 3.5 grams, costing a total of $30.10. Shipping was free with Canada Post due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, otherwise it would’ve been $5 plus tax. 

This was packaged on March 27th 2020 and was purchased on April 30th 2020. I received the container on May 5th and opened it on May 16th, which means this was packaged for 51 days. While the date of packaging sounds good, the harvest date remains unknown.


Appearance, Smell and Taste

The container’s seal was hard to peel open and required the use of a pen to break it. I often have cramps in my hands so some might not have this issue but it was really on there. Presented after opening were four buds, you could spot some yellowing in some areas but mostly green and dense with lots of brown pistils throughout. The buds were really dry and lacked moisture, the use of a humidity pack was needed at my expense and waited two days before consuming it again as it grinded to dust. This wasn’t an issue after the two days of remediation. 

Smell and taste were earthy and pine and relate to the terpenes myrcene and pinene. If I didn’t know this was an Aurora product as labeled on the container I’d know it was L.A. Confidential by them as I’ve tried it countless times in the past when I posted reviews on Lift & Co. as this is Snow Dome under Aurora’s medical program.


Nightshift, Kingsway, Aurora, VapeTheBud

Consumption Methods

With every review I’ve ever done I try a minimum of six temperatures, each are individual sessions to see how long each lasts at a set fixed temperature. This may vary by each device and the one used here was the Mighty vaporizer. 

My ideal temperature with this cultivar was in the range of 180 to 185 degrees Celsius (356-365F) with a session lasting around 9 minutes. At slightly higher temperatures the flavour was less noteworthy but still okay. 

170C (338F) – 9 minutes
175C (347F) – 9 minutes
180C (356F) – 9 minutes
185C (365F) – 8 minutes 
190C (374F) – 6 minutes
195C (383F) – 5 minutes 

Rolled into a gram and smoked as a joint I found the ash was very dark and found myself relighting multiple times as it kept going out. Wasn’t a good smoke and preferred using this with the vaporizer.


Subjective Effects

The effects offered me a nice head high, I didn’t feel tired but relaxed. Slight clarity and focus, while providing good pain relief to my joints and muscles. Dry eyes were common and needed to use eye drops. Evening use is advised to individuals who don’t partake daily and duration of effects was around 90 minutes.


Final Thoughts

My guess this is for someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for and the nightshift name was used for the idea to use at night, which I found was appropriate. This isn’t for an enthusiast nor is it “the people’s weed” as noted on the Kingsway website as I found other cultivars at a lower price more worthy.

L.A. Confidential by Aurora Cannabis was $10.50 a gram on OCS with taxes previously so I’m happy to see the price is lower here but on Twitter it is said Daily Special Indica is L.A. Confidential or sometimes MK Ultra by the same grower, which I’d prefer as the cost per gram is $6.27 with taxes.

I won’t be buying this again and wouldn’t recommend paying above the $8 per gram price.

Thanks for reading!