Cannabis Review: Northern Kush GE by JWC

Save This For The Night

This is the 28th Kush variety I’ve tried in five years and one I will be buying often as it worked well for insomnia and chronic pain, however expect a light snack before bed.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

I would consider this a high THC product as the listed potential is 23.82% THC and negligible amounts of CBD.

The terpene profile listed on the JWC website noted pinene was the dominant terpene capturing nearly 40% of the profile and may explain the increased hunger I had. Secondary terpenes were caryophyllene and humulene taking 36% of the profile combined, and many others noted under 10%.


Price and Shipping

Recently JWC lowered their prices on some of their selections and this was one of them. Price varies on amounts bought from $8.67 to $11 per gram. I paid $11 a gram plus tax since I bought 5 grams off the JWC medical webstore before the price drop. Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.

This was packed on October 7th 2019, a day after purchase which is typical of JWC. I got to reviewing this on October 22, so the product remained packaged for 16 days before I consumed it.

Smell and Appearance

Sweet pine and slightly woodsy undertones were noticed after opening the container. No humidity pack was needed as the flower seemed to have good moisture to it. There was a Boveda pack supplied with this order, which is a first from JWC. I do use humidity packs to maintain the freshness when consuming over a period of time so that’s a win in my books.

Moderately dense flower, not tight but had good character. In the five gram container I ordered there were a variety of sized buds, some medium, some tiny but size didn’t impact my opinion. The dark green buds and orange pistils were vibrant. A mixture of clear and cloudy trichomes were noticeable with the macro lens. 


Consumption Methods

I use the Mighty vaporizer as my main go to device and found the range of 170 to 180 Celsius was best (338 to 356 Fahrenheit) when I wanted to consume this all while enjoying the flavourful vapour. Most of my sessions lasted around seven to eight minutes.

If I wanted to go with higher temperatures I preferred to use my water adapter hooked up to the vaporizer for cooler inhales using a bong. The ideal range I found while doing that was 190 to 195 Celsius (374 to 383F) for about six minutes or so.


Subjective Effects

A few minutes into my session I began to notice great pain relief and an increased appetite. At times I felt slightly clumsy and forgetful and would advised to consume this at night for best enjoyment, just make sure to have a light snack on hand.

Dealing with insomnia frequently and trying to find a good cultivar for that isn’t easy, and found it also helped me relax and fall asleep easier. The duration of effects lasted about 90 to 120 minutes.


End Thought

Northern Kush GE has been added to my favourites list as it helped a variety of issues that I deal with. I just wish it didn’t make me hungry before bed. 

Thanks for reading, my next write up will be on my second Licensed Producer Review – Broken Coast Cannabis.

Cannabis Review: Rockstar Kush by JWC

Nighttime Kush After A Rockstar Day

You could say I’m a fan of Kush varieties, Rockstar Kush was my 26th. 



I would consider this a high potency product with 20.16% THC and negligible amounts of CBD. This was packed on August 2 2019, a day after purchase. August was a busy month for me and didn’t get around to reviewing this until September 3rd.


Price and Shipping

The price varies on amounts bought from $8 to $12 per gram. I paid $10 a gram plus tax since I bought 5 grams off the JWC medical website.

Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.


Smell and Appearance

Pungent earths and pine aromas were noticeable upon opening the container. The buds weren’t the largest and only a couple were the size of a ping pong ball, with the rest popcorn sized.

Glittering like a rockstar on stage, these plump green buds showed light orange pistils across the abundant trichomes. No humidity pack was needed to restore the moisture balance.


Consumption Methods

Primarily using the Mighty vaporizer with varying temperatures, I found the best temperatures were around 170C (338F) to 195C (383F). Most of my sessions were around seven to eight minutes and held 0.25 grams of cannabis each time.



After consuming 0.25g in my vaporizer, I found great pain relief and relaxation being the primary effects for me. I preferred this potent cultivar at night as I experienced the “heavy head” feeling and after having a few sessions of this in a row, it made me sleepy. 

Duration of effects lasted around 90 to 120  minutes



The terpene profile listed on the JWC website noted b-Caryophyllene being the dominant terpene at 31.92%. b-Ocimene 16.51% and b-Pinene 12.02% as secondary terpenes, and quite a few others making up the content below 11%.



I would buy it again but preferred other cultivars over Rockstar Kush. Maybe next time I’ll buy 15 grams and see how big the buds are, as larger containers generally have better sized flower.   

Thanks for reading, my next write up is Bakersteet (Hindu Kush) by Tweed.

Licensed Producer Tour & Review: James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC)

This is my first licensed producer review, I’ll be making note of the things that matter to me when choosing one, and highlighting where companies are doing a great job and noting where changes could be made to provide better products or services to patients.

Choosing a licensed producer is never an easy task, I’ve seen some cannabis reviews and talk on social media about James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC) and decided to switch half my prescription to them at the end of June 2019.


Pricing that makes sense and free shipping

The cheapest per gram of dried flower that JWC offers is $7 when buying 30 grams of ChemDawg, with tax that’s $237.10 in Ontario for just over an ounce. While ordering less grams of the same cultivar for example does cost more, in the case of five grams, the cost would be $9 plus tax. It sounds a little confusing, but makes sense, buy more, save more. I do wish companies who use this method of pricing to extend the discount in some way when ordering 30 grams overall in an order.

Shipping is free with Canada Post or Purolator if the total order is over $150, otherwise its $10 flat. Orders generally ship within one business day, delivery times vary but since I live close usually one to two business days until it makes way to the local post office.

Selection is key

As of September 2019 there were 10 dried flower varieties, three oil options, and dozens more arriving down the road. It’s important to have a good selection as I find rotating my choices around keeps cannabis effective, rather than my body getting use to the same cultivar over and over.


Quality of the flower

I’ve consumed eight products from JWC since the end of June, the quality of the flower was excellent each and every order and didn’t require a humidity pack to bring the moisture balance back. This is exactly what I expect from a licensed producer that delivers high quality cannabis.


Packaged just right

Too many times I’ve received dried cannabis flower that was packed over six months ago with other licensed producers (LPs) and many consumers I’ve spoken to on social media having similar fates, which leads me to advise that JWC packages their cannabis when an order comes in, which is probably one of the reasons why their flower isn’t dried out and fresh every time.


Excise Tax & Compassion Pricing

When the Cannabis Act went into force an excise tax was introduced, many licensed producers have absorbed that cost for medical patients and JWC is one of those companies. Also to those with an annual income of less than $25,000, a 15% discount is given with proof (usually this is a Notice of Assessment or other government issued documentation).



Terpenes matter

Under each cultivar on their website is a link to a “Strain Profile”, this shows what terpenes and cannabinoids are present and helps consumers draw possible conclusions as to what worked and what didn’t for them. For instance, Rockstar Kush has Caryophyllene as their dominant terpene, while White Russian is Pinene dominant, there’s a high chance you’ll likely feel different from each of these and may prefer one over another.


What can be changed or improved

Okay, I’ve said A LOT of positive things so far, what could be changed or improved. Once you log into the website to make your purchase those “Strain Profiles” are no longer there, adding those links within the webstore when logged in would be great!

That’s it. I would throw in that I hate the wide mouth containers, but those are already in the process of being changed later this year.

How I got a tour

It started with a Twitter joke Cory Philion (@c_philion) made originally about us going together on a tour, someone I never met but had casual online conversations with. A few weeks later JWC had a contest for a branded hat, and I made a comment, “A tour would be nice too”, and Laura Foster, Chief Compliance Officer at James E. Wagner, asked me to direct message and it was set from there.


The tour experience

Last month I went on my first tour of a cannabis facility, and I must say I’ve never seen that many cannabis plants in my life, it was unreal. Nathan and Laura were my tour guides for the next two and a half hours, I asked some questions and learned a bit on the business of cannabis. Also, no soil plants here, JWC only uses aeroponics to grow cannabis, and as JWC puts it, “Aeroponics is a plant-cultivation technique in which the roots hang suspended in the air while being periodically misted with nutrients and water.” 

I enjoyed walking the halls of the connected rooms in my marshmallow-like suit, the environment was really clean and made me feel happy knowing this is where I get my medicine from.


After reading the recent
AMA on Reddit that Nathan Woodworth, CEO of JWC took part in, I’m excited to hear their that JWC is currently working with provincial retailers to bring its products to the recreational market in the coming months.

Thanks for reading and big thanks to Nathan and Laura for taking the time out of their day to show me how a cannabis company works day to day. 

Next up will be a review on JWC’s Rockstar Kush.

Cannabis Review: Terpedo GE by JWC

Extremely Terpy! 

If you haven’t smelled strong terpenes from cannabis before, Terpedo GE by James E. Wagner (JWC) will change that by filling the room with a sweet lemongrass scent.



As much as I want to say this is average on the potency scale, and yes it may be assumed because the THC value was only 13.16%, however this nearly toppled me over with its rich terpene content. 

My most recent order was September 3 2019, when I received my order a few days later, I saw that the package date was noted September 4th 2019.  

Price and Shipping

Exact same wording is used from my last review on this section, as the price varies from $8.67 to $11 per gram on amounts bought, I paid $11 a gram plus tax since I bought 5 grams. Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.


Smell and Appearance

An intense smell of pine and lemongrass was apparent after taking the foil seal off, visually these flowers are immaculate, perfectly trimmed and showing off its healthy looking trichomes, light green with many orange pistils, and the odd purple.  

The buds were sorta dense, slightly airy but had good give when squished. There were about nine medium size buds making up the five grams, no humidity pack was needed to restore freshness.


Consumption Methods

When my vape was set to 185C (365F) I would get about eight minutes out of my session, this was my ideal temperature as it would boil the majority of the terpenes and cannabinoids. I did try higher temperatures with my water adapter from 190 to 200C (374 to 392F), session was reduced to around six to seven minutes.



I felt content as I melted into my seat, but still had some energy and at the same time it provided great pain relief. However, I found I was sorta restless each time after consuming this cultivar, I even vaped at a lower temperature than 185C (365F) to see if the terpene terpinolene was to blame, and found it wasn’t as bad. Slight dry eyes were also common after use. Duration of effects lasted 90 to 120 minutes.

Remember when reading reviews that detail effects, that these are subjective and every person may have different outcomes.



Terpinolene (27.27%) and Pinene (26.20%) were the main contending dominant terpenes, Myrcene (17.19%) is worthwhile to note, and there were a variety of others under 10%.



This may be great cultivar to those seeking pain relief, but advising caution as I found it made me feel restless, and is the only reason why I won’t buy again. Overall, this is high quality cannabis and you can see the care that went into it. 

Thanks for reading, my next write up is on JWC, my first licensed producer review and how my tour went when I visited in August 2019. 

Cannabis Review: Cherry Diesel GE by JWC

Fuel The Mood

Cherry Diesel GE by James E. Wagner (JWC) relieved the daily chronic pain I deal with and relaxed my sore muscles. It was also enjoyable for kicking back and relaxing.



Some might be hesitant to try this cultivar judging by the 14.61% THC amount, fear not, this was a powerful one and properly grown cannabis may have a much greater effect than a high THC cultivar that wasn’t grown with care. In my experience, this is true.  

Purchased in early August after logging into the JWC medical website, and arrived via Canada Post four days later – side note, I ordered before the long weekend! Whoops! The label noted a pack date of August 2 2019.

Price and Shipping

The price varies from $8.67 to $11 per gram on amounts bought, I paid $11 a gram plus tax since I bought 5 grams. Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.


Smell and Appearance

You could notice the Pinene as soon as you opened the container, slight earths and sweet berries were noted. No humidity pack was needed to restore moisture, just like every JWC product I’ve tried so far, impressive! 

The buds were a bit airy, but well contained and held composure showing its light green colours and immersive pistils everywhere.  On the iPhone macro, we can see the trichomes are looking white to opaque, better visualization would require proper hardware.


Consumption Methods

Many of my sessions with my current vape was around eight to nine minutes using the 175C (347F) temperature setting. If I wanted to go higher I had to use my water adapter with my vape since I can’t handle hot vapour, and I was able to reach 200 to 210C (392 to 410F), the session was shorter, about 6 minutes in total before there was no visible vapour present.

In joint form, white ash was produced and smoke was smooth to inhale.



I found this improved my mood if I was stressed out after dealing with chronic pain all day, it also worked very well with the muscle and joint pain, for me it was a combo winner. Much of my upper body and head was under a haze, and felt nice and relaxed. I found it was best to consume at the end of the day or late afternoon while being social. Duration of effects lasted about 90 to 120 minutes.



Alpha and Beta Pinene accounted for over 45% of the profile, with Caryophyllene (16.88%) and p-Cymene (14.24%) having notable amounts as well. Many other terpenes were listed at lower values.



I would buy this again as I found it effective for my needs, and some may find this useful for chronic pain, or to relax and destress. 

Thanks for reading, next up will be Terpedo GE by James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC).

Cannabis Review: Wagner GE by JWC

Best in class daytime CBD

I don’t have much interest in CBD varieties as I firmly believe high THC works best for me, however I was curious to try Wagner GE as I read some reviews about it being a great 2 to 1 ratio flower for pain relief and wanted to see how it held up. I’d like to note my tolerance level is fairly high. 



That 2 to 1 ratio represents two times the rated CBD over THC, in this case the CBD noted was 13.14%, while THC had a value of 6.51%.

Package date was a day after I ordered, showing June 26 2019, and I didn’t get around to reviewing this until July 18. I made sure the container was sealed and stored properly until I was ready to consume it.

Price and Shipping

Currently JWC only offers their products with a valid medical prescription and the cost varies per gram from $8.67 to $11, since I bought five grams, it was $11 plus tax per gram. Shipping was free as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat with Canada Post or Purolator.


Smell and Appearance

Noticeable earths with floral and wood undertones were present, was similar to walking through a forest with wildflowers scattered around. It was very pleasant and unsurprisingly I didn’t need to use a humidity pack after opening as the moisture content was perfect.

Four large green buds, each weighing over a gram and when given a nice squeeze showed the great density these flowers had while reverting back to shape after placing them into the grinder. Trichomes were healthy looking, nice opaque cream colour with dark orange pistils and a few hints of purple.


Consumption Methods

I didn’t consume this at all in joint form as I wanted to extract as much CBD from these buds as best as possible, and I found the best temperatures on my vaporizer was around 170C to 185C (338F to 365F). I may have missed out on the Linalool which does require higher temperatures, but that’s a write up in itself for another day



Calm, creative and relaxed were the highlights, nothing overpowering, great for daytime consumption. Pain relief was good, but great required a couple sessions with the vape  to achieve greatness. Effects lasted around 90 minutes.



Ocimene took 24.51% of the terpene content, and closely behind was Caryophyllene which had 21.94%. A close third was Linalool with 17.22% content, and likely explains the floral smell. Many other terpenes were present with values below 10%.



My high tolerance to cannabis is leading me to not buying this again, although I would try it again as I now have a water adapter that lets me vape higher temperatures without such issues.

I would recommend this to new consumers of cannabis or someone who needs to stay focused during the day without heavy euphoria from the vast amount of high THC cultivars on the market. 

Thanks for reading, next up will be Cherry Diesel GE by James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC).