Cannabis: Island Pink Head by Dunn Cannabis


Purchased off the Shelter Market website for medical patients was 3.5 grams of Island Pink Head, a cross of Island Pink and Screwhead by a grower called Dunn Cannabis located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, just outside of the Vancouver area. The production team is from the legacy market with decades of experience so I had expectations for a high quality flower.

Island Pink Head is my first write up of a Dunn Cannabis product and from what I found online about their cultivation methods is that they use High Sodium bulbs for light, while the plant is grown in soil and hand-watered. The flower is dried slowly in a flash of cold air at 50% humidity and trimmed by hand.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

THC content was 200.06 mg per gram (20.01%) THC as labeled. There was a minimal amount of CBD with less than <1%.

Terpene and other cannabinoid data on Shelter Market’s website listed the Certificate of Analysis (COA) with the following details showing Caryophyllene (0.43%) and Myrcene (0.41%) were competing dominant terpenes and a close third with Limonene (0.31%). Other terpenes (0.7%) made up the rest of the profile for the total amount of terpenes at 1.86%.


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

The price I paid near the end of November of 2020 was $8 per gram plus taxes for a bag with 3.5 grams, costing a total of $31.64 after tax during the Black Friday sale on Shelter Market’s website. The non-sale price is $45.21 for the same size with tax, so a savings of $13.57. Cheaper options exist at the time for larger sizes up to 28 grams. If you wanted this on the retail side it’s priced at $56.95 with tax on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) for a 3.5 gram package under the Artisan Batch branding in a jar.

Shipping was free with Canada Post since my total order was over $99, otherwise a fee of $15 + tax would apply. The Purolator option was also available but had a fee regardless of the total cost of the order.  

Lot # 20-P82 was packaged on November 23rd 2020 and was purchased on November 27th 2020. I received the package four days later and opened it on February 15th 2021, which means this was packaged for 85 days before I began consuming it, but from packaging to arrival was about 11 days. Keep in mind, pack dates are not harvest dates but I had no concerns that this was old cannabis by any means, but did notice that the same lot is being sold as of the date of issuing this write up.


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Smell, Taste and Appearance

Just like my previous write up this package was opened much later after arrival so I was prepared for a possible faint scent upon opening, but nearly 90 days out it still smelled great and very noticeable after opening the package. Initial notes of a sweet cream with hints of a gassy savory lemon.

Taking the cannabis out of the mylar bag (which I loathe) I noticed the buds were pretty dense and sugar coated in trichomes, a bit on the dry side but didn’t need a Boveda humidity pack, at least not right away. I did use one 62% humidity pack a couple days after opening as I found there was little moisture after being contained in a Cvault I use for storage between use, within 12 hours or so there was a considerable balance of moisture which I think is optimal.

Appearances showed a great amount of trichomes covering each bud in frosty greens with brownish orange pistils. As noted this is a hand-trimmed flower, which looks like it was manicured to look uniformly and my guess with an electric hand tool to clean it up. This was more evident in the macro shot above which looks absolutely beautiful showing a blanket of trichomes however the trichome heads seem to be zipped off in surface areas, whereas shown in the inner areas. 


Consumption Methods

Since I was without my Mighty vaporizer during the end of summer for two months for a warranty repair, I began using my Pax 2 again alongside the Mighty when it returned. I found both devices using temperatures around 193C (380F) the best in terms of vapour production and keeping a good flavour profile over an 8 minute session. 

In joint form the ash was grey, a little bit on the lighter side and the smoke was smooth and easy to inhale. It was a very enjoyable experience. 


Subjective Effects

Sedating, relaxed but still functional with general relief from chronic muscle pains. I preferred it in the evening over any other time of day and noticed the duration of effects lasted around 90 minutes in a 0.25g vape session or 3 hours when smoking a gram in joint form.


Final Thoughts

It was a good experience that was worthwhile at the price I paid on Shelter Market’s medical website, but would be hesitating to spend the full retail cost of $16.27 a gram with tax in Ontario. If I saw full trichome heads intact where they should be, it would be an easier call to say it was near perfect. That being said I plan on buying from Dunn Cannabis again, but i’ll see what another cultivar is like and if I’m seeing the same results.

Thanks for reading!

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