Cannabis: Compassion Lime by Weed Me via PureSinse

Bubble Gum and Lime

This cannabis flower is from Weed Me, a company out in Pickering, Ontario. They claim to have unique genetics and grow premium quality cannabis. I ordered this from PureSinse which is a 3rd party medical provider of licensed produced cannabis in Canada.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The label on the container showed a value of 4.8% THC and 8.8% CBD.

Caryophyllene and myrcene were the main dominant terpenes and both had a value of 0.11%. Linalool (0.06%) and Bisabolol (0.05%) were present as well with lower values. Many others were noted on the PureSinse website with a value below 0.05%. The overall terpene content here was quite low.


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

I purchased 3.5 grams from PureSinse at the cost of $12.50 per gram plus taxes. The cost of shipping was free with Canada Post since my order was over $100, otherwise it would’ve been $9.49 for the cheapest shipping option.

The package date on the container was noted June 10th 2019 and was ordered on October 28. I began reviewing this on December 3rd 2019, which means the product was packaged for 177 days before being opened.

Smell and Appearance

A faint smell of lime was noticed after opening the container. Very dry buds were observed and I had to use a humidity pack at my expense to put some moisture back into them, after a few days things seemed to stabilize and seem a bit better. 

The buds were in between dense and airy in terms of density. Light greens and visible orange pistils were noticed with the naked eye. Under magnification the trichomes looked decent, but more on the amber side. Possibly explains why sedation was stronger than expected.

Consumption and Taste

I began vaporizing at 170 Celsius (338 Fahrenheit) and with each individual session I go up 5 degrees celsius. The best range I found was 170C to 185C (338 to 365 F) using about 0.25 grams of cannabis in each capsule with the Mighty vaporizer for about eight minutes.

Overall taste was a sweet bubble gum with hints of lime and tasted really nice.

I didn’t consume this one in joint form.


Subjective Effects

My preference was generally staying above 180C (356F) since CBD begins to boil at this temperature. While the THC amount is just under five percent I did feel a bit tired, and mostly relaxed and enjoyed the nice upper body head high.

Double sessions were needed for the best pain relief. Duration of effects lasted around 90 minutes and found using this at night was ideal, however it was okay to use during the day if only one session was happening.


Final Thoughts

This was an enjoyable experience and I really liked the taste while vaping, but I wouldn’t buy it again as the cost was high and found cheaper alternatives that worked better for pain relief. This may work better for people new to cannabis or those who don’t want a strong effect, but expect to buy a humidity pack to revive it a bit.

Thanks for reading!