Cannabis: Critical Mass GE by JWC


Critical Mass GE is the 14th review I’ve done by JWC’s medical offerings, while I’m not generally a fan of low THC and high CBD cultivars for its weak effects since I’m used to high THC types, I did enjoy this one during the day.

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

THC content was 5.47% and a high amount of CBD at 9.64% as noted on the container. 

Based on the data from the JWC website, 37.17% of the terpene content was pinene and the leading dominant terpene. Further behind but worth noting was caryophyllene taking 19.49% of the content, and smaller amounts of other terpenes listed with under 10% content. Total measured terpenes showed 0.939% which is quite low compared to the rest of the JWC lineup.

Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

The price varies on amounts bought from $7 to $9 per gram. Since I bought five grams the cost was $9 a gram plus tax at the time of purchase off the JWC medical webstore. Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.

This was packed on January 31st 2020, a day after I purchased this which is typical of JWC. I got to reviewing this on February 15th 2020 but opened the container on February 9th 2020 and took some basic notes, so the product remained packaged for 11 days before opening.


Smell, Taste and Appearance

Aromas were light on this one and gave notes of a sweet grass and earth upon opening, slightly reminding me of Jack Herer. It tasted better than it smelled and in the vaporizer there was a honey aftertaste along with the perceived smell.

The bud sizes were mostly around half a gram each, with a few smaller ones in the mix. All the buds were dense, each having a good amount of moisture and used the provided moisture pack to maintain freshness.  

In the macro shot below you can see the strong amount of orange pistils with some trichome heads intact. In the photos further away you don’t see them at all.


Consumption Methods

With every review I’ve ever done I try a minimum of six temperatures and see how long each session lasts. This may vary by each device and the one used here was the Mighty vaporizer. 

Noted below I found 185 degrees Celsius (365F) the best, with each session lasting about seven to eight minutes using around 0.25 grams of cannabis. Other temperatures worked fine and if you like lots of vapour then 190C (374F) might be your ideal.  

170C (338F) – 8 minutes
175C (347F) – 8 minutes
180C (356F) – 7 minutes
185C (365F) – 7 to 8 minutes – Best
190C (374F) – 6 minutes – Increased vapour
195C (383F) – 5 minutes 

I didn’t try this in joint form and cannot detail the smoke on this.


Subjective Effects and Final Thoughts

This was pretty weak as I’m used to higher THC flower, but as the effects were light it did give me the ability to function without sedation during the day and was enjoyable to use for getting my mind into a creative mode and providing some pain relief. Duration of effects lasted 60 to 90 minutes.  

I would buy this again if I was seeking something for the daytime and wanted to avoid a cloudy mind. This may be great for new medical patients seeking cannabis as the THC amount is low and the high CBD balances things out.   

Thanks for reading!

Cannabis: Compassion Lime by Weed Me via PureSinse

Bubble Gum and Lime

This cannabis flower is from Weed Me, a company out in Pickering, Ontario. They claim to have unique genetics and grow premium quality cannabis. I ordered this from PureSinse which is a 3rd party medical provider of licensed produced cannabis in Canada.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The label on the container showed a value of 4.8% THC and 8.8% CBD.

Caryophyllene and myrcene were the main dominant terpenes and both had a value of 0.11%. Linalool (0.06%) and Bisabolol (0.05%) were present as well with lower values. Many others were noted on the PureSinse website with a value below 0.05%. The overall terpene content here was quite low.


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

I purchased 3.5 grams from PureSinse at the cost of $12.50 per gram plus taxes. The cost of shipping was free with Canada Post since my order was over $100, otherwise it would’ve been $9.49 for the cheapest shipping option.

The package date on the container was noted June 10th 2019 and was ordered on October 28. I began reviewing this on December 3rd 2019, which means the product was packaged for 177 days before being opened.

Smell and Appearance

A faint smell of lime was noticed after opening the container. Very dry buds were observed and I had to use a humidity pack at my expense to put some moisture back into them, after a few days things seemed to stabilize and seem a bit better. 

The buds were in between dense and airy in terms of density. Light greens and visible orange pistils were noticed with the naked eye. Under magnification the trichomes looked decent, but more on the amber side. Possibly explains why sedation was stronger than expected.

Consumption and Taste

I began vaporizing at 170 Celsius (338 Fahrenheit) and with each individual session I go up 5 degrees celsius. The best range I found was 170C to 185C (338 to 365 F) using about 0.25 grams of cannabis in each capsule with the Mighty vaporizer for about eight minutes.

Overall taste was a sweet bubble gum with hints of lime and tasted really nice.

I didn’t consume this one in joint form.


Subjective Effects

My preference was generally staying above 180C (356F) since CBD begins to boil at this temperature. While the THC amount is just under five percent I did feel a bit tired, and mostly relaxed and enjoyed the nice upper body head high.

Double sessions were needed for the best pain relief. Duration of effects lasted around 90 minutes and found using this at night was ideal, however it was okay to use during the day if only one session was happening.


Final Thoughts

This was an enjoyable experience and I really liked the taste while vaping, but I wouldn’t buy it again as the cost was high and found cheaper alternatives that worked better for pain relief. This may work better for people new to cannabis or those who don’t want a strong effect, but expect to buy a humidity pack to revive it a bit.

Thanks for reading!

Cannabis: Mango Haze by Thrive via PureSinse

Great Daytime CBD Choice, One Slight Negative. Cost.

This cannabis flower is from Thrive, a company out in Ontario who is owned by TerraFarma. They claim to be growing premium quality as a small-batch craft cannabis company. I ordered this from PureSinse which is a 3rd party provider of licensed produced cannabis in Canada.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The label on the container showed a value of 6.66% THC and 11.68% CBD. This would be considered a high CBD variety. 

Listing four of the top terpenes noted from the PureSinse website I was able to find that myrcene had a value of 0.77% and was the leading dominant terpene. Generally varieties of cannabis with a value higher than 0.5% myrcene is considered an “indica” type and usually has noticeable sedative effects. Other terpenes listed were ocimene 0.14%, caryophyllene 0.14% and linalool 0.10%. Many others were listed but had a value lower than 0.10%. 


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

I purchased 3.5 grams from PureSinse at the cost of $12.50 per gram plus taxes. The cost of shipping was free with Canada Post since my order was over $100, otherwise it would’ve been $9.49 for the cheapest shipping option.

The package date on the container was noted May 9th 2019 and was ordered on October 28. I began reviewing this on November 20, which means the product was packaged for 206 days before being opened.

Smell and Appearance

Even though the packaged age of this cannabis was seven months there was still noticeable aroma of fruits and earth. 

The moisture content was good and didn’t require the need of a humidity pack before consuming. Bright greens, lots of orange pistils and a heavy trichome count was easily noticed under five times magnification. There were a few 0.5 gram buds, and the rest were around a quarter gram or less.

Consumption and Taste

I used my Mighty vaporizer in the temperature range of 170 to 180 Celsius (338F to 356F) for about eight minutes using 0.25 grams of cannabis per session. Higher temperatures up to 190C (374F) were okay, sessions only lasted about six minutes using the same amount of flower. The taste was the same as it smelled, fruity and earthy. 

I didn’t bother trying this in joint form.


Subjective Effects

CBD varieties dull the spaced out high feeling and the same applies here. I did feel focused and relaxed though, with the ability to go about my day and function. Pain relief in my joints was fairly mild and required two sessions to work well. The duration of effects seemed to last 60 to 90 minutes and would recommend this for the daytime, despite having a high amount of myrcene. I think the CBD counters the sedation, at least for me it did.


Final Thoughts

My biggest issue with this cultivar is the price. $12.50 a gram is a lot for medical and CBD types don’t require different treatment when growing. If the price was slightly lower it would be one of my top picks when wanting a CBD cultivar. Aside from the price, a great job was done here. 

Thanks for reading!

Cannabis: Wagner GE by JWC

Best in class daytime CBD

I don’t have much interest in CBD varieties as I firmly believe high THC works best for me, however I was curious to try Wagner GE as I read some reviews about it being a great 2 to 1 ratio flower for pain relief and wanted to see how it held up. I’d like to note my tolerance level is fairly high. 



That 2 to 1 ratio represents two times the rated CBD over THC, in this case the CBD noted was 13.14%, while THC had a value of 6.51%.

Package date was a day after I ordered, showing June 26 2019, and I didn’t get around to reviewing this until July 18. I made sure the container was sealed and stored properly until I was ready to consume it.

Price and Shipping

Currently JWC only offers their products with a valid medical prescription and the cost varies per gram from $8.67 to $11, since I bought five grams, it was $11 plus tax per gram. Shipping was free as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat with Canada Post or Purolator.


Smell and Appearance

Noticeable earths with floral and wood undertones were present, was similar to walking through a forest with wildflowers scattered around. It was very pleasant and unsurprisingly I didn’t need to use a humidity pack after opening as the moisture content was perfect.

Four large green buds, each weighing over a gram and when given a nice squeeze showed the great density these flowers had while reverting back to shape after placing them into the grinder. Trichomes were healthy looking, nice opaque cream colour with dark orange pistils and a few hints of purple.


Consumption Methods

I didn’t consume this at all in joint form as I wanted to extract as much CBD from these buds as best as possible, and I found the best temperatures on my vaporizer was around 170C to 185C (338F to 365F). I may have missed out on the Linalool which does require higher temperatures, but that’s a write up in itself for another day



Calm, creative and relaxed were the highlights, nothing overpowering, great for daytime consumption. Pain relief was good, but great required a couple sessions with the vape  to achieve greatness. Effects lasted around 90 minutes.



Ocimene took 24.51% of the terpene content, and closely behind was Caryophyllene which had 21.94%. A close third was Linalool with 17.22% content, and likely explains the floral smell. Many other terpenes were present with values below 10%.



My high tolerance to cannabis is leading me to not buying this again, although I would try it again as I now have a water adapter that lets me vape higher temperatures without such issues.

I would recommend this to new consumers of cannabis or someone who needs to stay focused during the day without heavy euphoria from the vast amount of high THC cultivars on the market. 

Thanks for reading!

Cannabis: Harlequin by Tantalus Labs

Packaging matters

I purchased 3.5 grams of Harlequin from Tantalus Labs directly as a medical patient in mid-June at the cost of $9.50 per gram, which the cost varies on amounts bought, from $8.55 to $9.50 a gram. The date on the package stated this was packed on October 24 2018, which makes it nearly eight months old when it arrived.

Appearance and Smell
Not expecting much due to its age and my displeasure of those bag packages, I finally opened it up and shook out the contents. Looking beautiful in photos, you can see the amber trichomes scattered across the flowers and brown pistils poking out of the greenish brown buds. When squeezed it didn’t break apart, had good composure but was pretty dry and crispy. I used a Boveda humidity pack at my expense and waited 48 hours. I could smell some light wood and earth tones, but nothing strong. I’m glad to hear the bags are done with at Tantalus Labs as they have switched to containers as pictured in my last review.

Effects and When to use
The 3.59% THC amount is really low for myself, but the 7.4% CBD worked in tandem and created a nice happy and focused feeling, which would be great for daytime use. I did prefer Watersprite by Tantalus Labs over this one, as pain relief was only light to moderate. Like with most types of cannabis, dry mouth is common but was minimal. Effects lasted 60-90 minutes.

Consumption methods
Using the capsule dosing method with the Mighty vaporizer, I found I needed to have three 0.2 gram sessions to get full pain relief. This is obviously due to the low THC amount which didn’t surprise me.

I rolled a couple joints as well and found the smoke was smooth and produced white ash, which many say is a good indicator of a great produced product.

I personally wouldn’t buy this again, more so on the fact of potency being too low for me, but I know many would enjoy this with the 1:2 THC/CBD ratio.

Thanks for reading!

Cannabis: Watersprite by Tantalus Labs

The perfect balance

This is probably the best 1:1 ratio flower I’ve had in awhile and possibly in all the years I’ve been reviewing cannabis. If you’re not familiar with the term 1:1, it means the THC and CBD potencies are the same (or very close), and in this case was rated 6.39% THC and 5.86% CBD.

If you ever had one before and didn’t like it, you’ll more than likely change your mind about them with this cultivar.

Appearance and Smell
Tantalus Labs has some very unique aromas I’ve noticed, this one had a woodsy pine with citrus notes to it. No humidity pack was needed as the buds were in great shape, slightly sticky, dense and perfect in my view. The colour was very golden to me, up close shots show dark purple leaves covered by the blankets of trichomes.  

Effects and When to use
I usually prefer higher THC amounts for chronic pain relief, but found this provided decent pain relief for daytime use when needing to feel focused and when needing the ability to go about my day. As with most cannabis cultivars I did experience dry mouth but this didn’t bother me. The duration of the effects lasted 60 to 90 minutes.

Consumption methods
Vapourization is my preferred method and I currently use the Mighty as my go to as of the last few months. I generally kept the temperatures at 182C (360F), which is enough to boil the CBD from the flower and many of the other terpenes involved. Since Tantalus Labs doesn’t post what terpenes are in their products, I sourced it from the BC Cannabis Store website and found the dominant terpene was Pinene.

I always roll a gram into a joint when reviewing, and this time around I experienced smooth smoke with white ash being produced, however the paper I was using was causing dark ash on the outside. This occurs due to hemp papers absorbing moisture really well and will make your paper seem more resiny. I tried a smaller joint to verify this claim with non-hemp papers and didn’t have the same issue.

Package dates, Price and Recommendation
Both 3.5 gram containers had a package date of May 7th 2019 and was consumed June 29th, purchase date was shortly before that. I paid $10.72 per gram plus tax since I bought 7 grams in total. This price varies from $9.60 to $11 a gram which depends on how much you buy. I’d rather have the discount taken by amount ordered in total than on a per cultivar basis.

I would recommend Watersprite to other medical patients and to retail consumers wanting a nice enjoyable daytime experience. 

Thanks for reading!