Cannabis Review: Afghan Kush by Pure Sunfarms


Back To Back Kush Review

Afghan Kush is the 29th Kush variety I’ve consumed and my first review of a Pure Sunfarms product. This was chosen by a Twitter poll I ran during October 2019 as a community choice review and bought from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The information listed on the label showed a potential 16.1% THC and had zero CBD. 

Very little terpene data was given on the OCS website at the time of purchase. Looking at the Pure Sunfarms website I found that myrcene, linalool, humulene, caryophyllene and limonene were part of the profile but no amounts were listed on what was the dominant terpene.


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

I purchased 3.5 grams off the Ontario Cannabis Store at the cost of $7.89 per gram, taxes included. The cost of shipping was $5 flat plus HST (13%) with Canada Post. No free options existed as of this writing. Delivery took three business days. 

The date on the container was noted August 15, 2019 and was ordered on October 17. I began reviewing this on October 24, which means the product was packaged for 71 days before being opened.



Smell and Appearance

A strange fish-like smell was emitted after opening the pouch, some on social media describe it as smelling like kelp (a type of seaweed). Light notes of sandalwood were noted when grinded and the kelp smell wasn’t so abundant. When vaporized I tasted a woodsy sweet syrup which wasn’t too bad, unique to say the least.

The flower was airy and overdried, I partly blame the packaging they used as I’ve never had a great experience with any product that uses them. I used a humidity pack at my expense and waited 48 hours before consuming again, the end result was better. Bright greens and some light tan yellows were visible, slight concerns over how powdery the buds were but at five times magnification it was noticeable that it was covered in many clear trichomes.



Consumption Methods

While I preferred this in my vaporizer, I did get around to trying it in joint form and wanted to observe how it burned, it wasn’t pure white ash and was mostly grey or dark.

Using the vaporizer I found it easy to inhale and not harsh by any means. The temperature range I used with the dried flower was 170 Celsius (338F) to 190C (374F) and my sessions lasted eight minutes on lower temperatures, to five minutes at the highest temperature. 


Subjective Effects

Decent relaxation was achieved, pain relief was good with a heavy upper body and head high feeling. I didn’t have any negative effects from this, not even dry mouth. I found consuming this at the end of the day was ideal and the duration of effects lasted 60 to 90 minutes. 


End Thought

Afghan Kush gave me enjoyable effects but wasn’t my favourite in terms of quality. At best this is average and improvements can be made to make a better product.

Licensed Producer Review: Broken Coast Cannabis


This is my second licensed producer review on the medical cannabis market. I’ll be making note of the things that matter to medical patients, and highlighting where companies are doing a great job and noting where changes could be made to provide better products or services to patients.

Broken Coast Cannabis is based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and owned by a larger company called Aphria as of early 2018. Small-batch premium “BC Bud” is noted on their website and mentions how their flower is hand-trimmed and slow cured at its indoor facility. They serve both the medical and general consumer market.


Wide variety, great quality however consistency varied

As of October 2019 there were 10 dried whole flower varieties, two low cost flower tips (trim), two edible oils, and one THC capsule option. Of the dried flower types available eight were over 15% THC.  I have tried seven products from Broken Coast, six on the medical side and an additional one from the retail market. Each and every time I opened one of their containers I could smell the pungent aromas hitting my nostrils and most of the time the buds were large in size, even with five gram containers. 

The flower overall was great quality however I did notice some consistency issues when it came to lighting joints. Dark ash occurred on many occasions and some in the community have advised me that this could be due to an improper cure. As I primarily vape this wasn’t much of an issue but at the cost per gram you want consistency.


Why a perfect seal matters

A strong induction seal on the container keeps the moisture balance intact I’ve noticed and despite some products I had from Broken Coast that were four months or older since packaged, when I opened the container the aromas were still there.


Price, Excise Tax & Compassion Pricing

Of the current full dried flower products on their website, the cheapest per gram was Texada (Super Lemon Haze) at $10.04 per gram, and the highest was $11.86 per gram for Muskmelon OG. The average overall cost per gram across all whole flower options was $11.05 per gram.

These amounts are based if you live in Ontario since the Cannabis Act went into force on October 17 2018 an excise tax was introduced. Many licensed producers have absorbed that cost for medical patients and Broken Coast isn’t one of them. Prices may be lower or higher depending on the province or territory you live in as this tax percentage varies. Shipping is free when the order is over $150, otherwise a $5 flat fee is applied.

Compassion pricing doesn’t exist at Broken Coast and the only low cost offerings are the Indica and Sativa Tips for $4.06 per gram which is a mixture of high quality cured trim in a container.

Return Policy

Broken Coast has a great return policy on cannabis, according to the Broken Coast website,

Returns can be made within 30 days of purchase by sending any remaining product back to Broken Coast Cannabis 3695 Drinkwater Rd. Duncan, BC V9L 3C0, along with a written note indicating the reason for return. Broken Coast will only issue a credit for up to 10 grams per strain for a maximum of 30 grams per order. Any product returned to us has to be destroyed and cannot be resold or returned to you; please consider this when ordering strains you have not tried before.”


End Thought

While I enjoyed my experiences with Broken Coast and now have a few new favourites, I wasn’t a fan of the pricing as there was no incentive to buy more and save more. It would be nice to see a compassion pricing program for those who could use relief from the high taxes applied to such items.  

Thanks for reading. 

Next up will be Pure Sunfarms’s take on Afghan Kush.

Cannabis Review: Northern Kush GE by JWC


Save This For The Night

This is the 28th Kush variety I’ve tried in five years and one I will be buying often as it worked well for insomnia and chronic pain, however expect a light snack before bed.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

I would consider this a high THC product as the listed potential is 23.82% THC and negligible amounts of CBD.

The terpene profile listed on the JWC website noted pinene was the dominant terpene capturing nearly 40% of the profile and may explain the increased hunger I had. Secondary terpenes were caryophyllene and humulene taking 36% of the profile combined, and many others noted under 10%.


Price and Shipping

Recently JWC lowered their prices on some of their selections and this was one of them. Price varies on amounts bought from $8.67 to $11 per gram. I paid $11 a gram plus tax since I bought 5 grams off the JWC medical webstore before the price drop. Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.

This was packed on October 7th 2019, a day after purchase which is typical of JWC. I got to reviewing this on October 22, so the product remained packaged for 16 days before I consumed it.

Smell and Appearance

Sweet pine and slightly woodsy undertones were noticed after opening the container. No humidity pack was needed as the flower seemed to have good moisture to it. There was a Boveda pack supplied with this order, which is a first from JWC. I do use humidity packs to maintain the freshness when consuming over a period of time so that’s a win in my books.

Moderately dense flower, not tight but had good character. In the five gram container I ordered there were a variety of sized buds, some medium, some tiny but size didn’t impact my opinion. The dark green buds and orange pistils were vibrant. A mixture of clear and cloudy trichomes were noticeable with the macro lens. 


Consumption Methods

I use the Mighty vaporizer as my main go to device and found the range of 170 to 180 Celsius was best (338 to 356 Fahrenheit) when I wanted to consume this all while enjoying the flavourful vapour. Most of my sessions lasted around seven to eight minutes.

If I wanted to go with higher temperatures I preferred to use my water adapter hooked up to the vaporizer for cooler inhales using a bong. The ideal range I found while doing that was 190 to 195 Celsius (374 to 383F) for about six minutes or so.


Subjective Effects

A few minutes into my session I began to notice great pain relief and an increased appetite. At times I felt slightly clumsy and forgetful and would advised to consume this at night for best enjoyment, just make sure to have a light snack on hand.

Dealing with insomnia frequently and trying to find a good cultivar for that isn’t easy, and found it also helped me relax and fall asleep easier. The duration of effects lasted about 90 to 120 minutes.


End Thought

Northern Kush GE has been added to my favourites list as it helped a variety of issues that I deal with. I just wish it didn’t make me hungry before bed. 

Thanks for reading, my next write up will be on my second Licensed Producer Review – Broken Coast Cannabis.

Licensed Producer Tour: 7ACRES


Hanging Out With My Favourite Cultivar 

 After my first licensed producer tour in early September 2019, John Fowler, Chief Advocacy Officer and Founder of The Supreme Cannabis Company reached out to me on Twitter and asked if I’d like a tour of 7ACRES. As a big fan of their products I got to see high quality cannabis grown at scale. 

Who Is 7ACRES?

7ACRES is a brand owned by The Supreme Cannabis Company and has their greenhouse facility in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada which is about two and a half hours away from Toronto. As of this writing, this licensed producer supplies dried flower to eight provinces across Canada and cannabis oils sold under the KKE branding using 7ACRES flower.

Licensed production space is currently at 230,000 sq feet with 23 grow rooms using High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting in all greenhouses and using natural sunlight. Future plans are underway to expand production space towards 300,000 sq feet and current growing capacity of dried cannabis per year is currently 32,560 kilograms, with future goals of 50,000 kilograms per year. That’s a lot of cannabis!


The Tour Experience

It was quite a drive to Kincardine but thankful Pete from Supreme drove us up to check out the site. I met Amy Anonymous during our trip and we had some great conversations about cannabis and why quality matters. When we arrived at the grow facility we met up with Vince, who was the operations manager of sanitation and checked us in and we had to change into a 7ACRES uniform from outside clothes. The typical “marshmallow suits” weren’t worn here and they had a good reasoning as fibers may flake off from them.

As we walked into one of the massive grow rooms of Jean Guy holding nearly 3000 plants I had the chance to chat with others working there and all of them were excited to talk about cannabis. I noticed the happiness and passion the workers have and showed that quality isn’t only in their flower here, it’s also in their employees. 

There was a continuous flow of people working as we walked over to the trimming room, and then we saw the curing area and then the final frontier, the vault. Every step of the way was well cared for like a fine wine and this facility was running on high standards. Great job!

This quick write up ends with me holding 10 kg of cannabis and enjoying the moment as I’ve never held so much in my life. 

Thanks for reading and big thanks to Pete Shearer for taking me up there and back. It was great meeting the people working at the Kincardine facility and Amy, I’m glad we got to sesh together! Hope to see you all again soon.

My next write up will be Northern Kush GE by JWC.

Cannabis Review: Jean Guy by 7ACRES


All Time Favourite For Daytime 

Jean Guy has been a favourite of mine for daytime use after trying it in June of this year. From the relief of daytime stress or needing energy to get the day going, this was the one for me.

Cannabinoid Content and Packaging

Purchased off the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) the THC range shown on the website was 13.5 to 21%, when the order arrived the THC content shown on the container was 17.87% and <0.02% CBD. This would be considered above average in terms of THC content.

Package date was June 27 2019. This was purchased September 17 with my other 7ACRES products and consumed September 22, 2019. The days between packaging and opening the container, 88 days.


Price and Shipping

The price was $13.03 per gram including tax when I purchased 3.5 grams off OCS in mid-September of 2019, and shortly after I was advised the cost went up to $14.49 per gram.   

Shipping was $5 flat using Canada Post and arrived within two days from ordering. No free shipping options exist at the time of writing with OCS.


Smell and Appearance

Sweet lemon and earthy aromas were easily identified after opening the container. Bud size varied, there was a single large bud weighing just over a gram, a handful of medium sized ones and a couple tiny pieces. All the buds were dense and no humidity pack was needed to restore the balance.


Consumption Methods

My preferred method of consumption is vaping and I primarily used the temperatures on my Mighty vaporizer with the dried flower from 170 Celsius (338F) to 185C (365F) for about seven to eight minutes.

Using a water adapter attached to my vaporizer I went higher on the temperature scale and mostly stayed around the range of 190C (374F) to 195C (383F) for about seven minutes.


Subjective Effects

I loved the way it made me feel energized, upbeat and happy. My creative thinking cap was on all while being comfortable and providing great pain relief. I did feel slightly dreamy at higher doses in a single session (0.75> grams) but still capable of having a conversation. I found the best time to consume was in the daytime or during social settings. Duration of effects lasted 90 to 120  minutes.



Keep in mind this is just a possible terpene allotment and will vary. I was able to find some terpene information on this from PureSinse who sells this on the medical side under the Supreme branding.

I was able to find that myrcene was the dominant terpene at 0.69%. The secondary terpene was terpinolene at 0.44%. Smaller amounts of others were noted as well, ocimene 0.19%, pinene 0.17% and surprisingly limonene was only at 0.12% despite the strong lemon aromas. There’s many other terpenes noted at lower amounts.  


End Thought

Jean Guy by 7ACRES is by far my favourite cultivar to date for daytime use and a must try for those buying from the retail market seeking similar experiences. The price is a reason why I won’t be buying it often from the retail side and saved for special occasions. I have part of my medical ‘script with PureSinse that Supreme Cannabis currently supplies at a lower cost, expect a review on that in November.  

Thanks for reading, my next write up will be on my second Licensed Producer Tour – 7ACRES in Kincardine, Ontario.

Cannabis Review: Sensi Star by 7ACRES


Manicured To A High Standard 

Sensi Star is one of my favourite cultivars, great pain relief and a way to tap out for the night. Let’s take a closer look.

Cannabinoid Content and Packaging

When I purchased this off the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) the THC range was 17 to 25%. When the order arrived the THC content shown on the container was 19.53% and <0.04% CBD. This would be considered high or above average in terms of THC content.

Package date was July 17 2019. This was purchased September 17 and consumed September 24, 2019. The days between packaging and opening the container, 70 days.


Price and Shipping

I purchased this the day Jack Haze by 7ACRES was released on and paid $11.45 per gram including tax since I purchased 3.5 grams. The price has been adjusted recently and now cost $13.69 per gram. 

Shipping was $5 flat using Canada Post and arrived within two days from ordering. No free shipping options exist at the time of writing.


Smell and Appearance

Without even knowing the full terpene profile I could tell this was high in myrcene. I would describe the aromas as earthy with sweet floral notes. 

Every 7ACRES product I’ve tried the buds were dense and most weighed around half a gram each. Moisture content was perfect and no humidity pack was needed to restore the balance. Trichomes up close were white and cloudy looking which is a good indicator of when it was harvested.

Consumption Methods

I used my Mighty vaporizer in the temperature range of 170 to 185 Celsius (338F to 365F) for about seven to eight minutes with 0.25 grams of cannabis per session.

Using the water adapter with the vapourizer attached I mostly stayed around 195 Celsius (383F) and enjoyed the clean smooth tasting vapour.


Subjective Effects

Consuming low doses (0.25 grams) gave me great pain relief and some creativity while feeling slightly dreamy. Sleepiness was achieved at higher intake in one sitting (over 0.5 grams) and preferred this for evening use.



Listing four of the top terpenes noted from PureSinse who sells this on the medical side under the Supreme branding I was able to find that myrcene had a value of 0.9003% and was the leading dominant terpene. Limonene was further behind at 0.3925%, caryophyllene 0.1516% and humulene at 0.0796%. Other terpenes were present at much lower values.


End Thought

As mentioned earlier in this write up Sensi Star is a favourite and 7ACRES excels at the quality. The price might seem off putting but for medical patients like myself this can be obtained for cheaper at PureSinse or CannMart, which I plan on reviewing next month.

The shape of 7ACRES dried flower is something to appreciate, while some might not be a fan of the hand-polished approach I don’t mind the consistency of appearance. When I went on a tour last week of their facility I saw first hand the care and attention that went into the flower and can assure the human touch is taken across every step of the way. 

Thanks for reading, my next write up will be on Jean Guy by 7ACRES.