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This is the second review of a Pancakenap homegrow, of which he sent me 2.3 grams to try and this was reviewed back in late January 2020. Omitted from this review will be price, shipping and pack dates since the cost to me was zero as this was gifted cannabis. I’ve added a new section for homegrown reviews called, “Words from the grower” which includes some insights to the grow itself if the grower would like to detail a bit.   

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

Unknown of the cannabinoid content and terpenes. I would suspect there were high amounts of myrcene and caryophyllene in this and small amounts of limonene. My guess on the THC potency would be in the range of low to mid 20s based on how I felt after use.  

Smell and Appearance

Vacuumed sealed for freshness and presenting itself with nice earthy and lemon gas notes after unpacking, I instantly noticed the heavy coated trichomes on the buds along the properly trimmed and beautiful orange pistils surrounded by dark purple leaves on display. I knew this was going to be an enjoyable flower to photograph and consume. The buds were extremely dense, hard to pick apart and sticky. It made me miss how licensed produced cannabis used to be years ago on the medical side. 

Consumption Methods

Every vape session in the Mighty vaporizer was enjoyable and I didn’t have a preferred temperature with this one as each setting was great. Each session lasted around seven to eight minutes. Below this wording I’ve included the temperatures and length of my sessions before I had to dispose of the cannabis.

338F (170C) – 8 minutes
347F (175C) – 8 minutes
356F (180C) – 7 minutes
365F (185C) – 7 minutes
374F (190C)  – 6 minutes

Rolled into a gram and smoked as a joint was enjoyable as well, very smokey and ash was grey but on the lighter side. It tickled my tongue a bit and the flavour was earthy with a hint of lemon. I preferred this in my vape as I got to have more experience with it and to enjoy the flavour profile.


Words From The Grower

This seed became available from rare dankness early 2019, And I couldn’t wait to grow it in the upcoming season. I grew it in soil in an air pot and fertilized it with aquaponic water.  I vegetated it outdoors for about 160 days and flowered it indoors for just less than 80 days. The plant yielded just over 300 grams of dried flower or 1.3 grams of flower for every day it grew. Yield in the space it flowered in was 15 grams per square foot. Overall, I really like the flower. The buds are really dense, so I have some lessons learned on how to cure it better for the next grow.”


Final Thoughts

Photographing homegrown cannabis has been my favourite out of most of the cannabis I’ve tried, the level of detail shown in the macro shots are intense with full trichome heads intact and stunning variation of colour presenting itself. I enjoyed this cultivar grown by Pancakenap and hope to share more from his grows.  

Thanks again pancakenap! You can follow his work on his website, or on social media on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube

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