Community: First Home Grow I Review by Pancakenap


Intense Aroma, Flaring My Nostrils

This is my first homegrown review of cannabis sent to me from our social network on Twitter. Pancakenap sent me 2.3 grams of cannabis and I got to review this around early December. Omitted from this review will be price, shipping and pack dates since the cost to me was zero as this was gifted cannabis.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

Unknown of the cannabinoid content and terpenes. I would suspect there were high amounts of limonene and myrcene in this.


Smell and Appearance

Ripping open the vacuumed sealed package like a kid opening presents on Christmas Day, I was excited to see what some good homegrown stuff was like from a member of our cannabis community. I could immediately sense the strong aromas hitting my nose, gassy and pungent sweet earths filled my nostrils. Reminded me slightly of Jellysickle and Sour Tangie.  

Two dense buds around 0.85 grams each, with the third being about 0.6 grams. Picture perfect and sugar coated trichomes were present everywhere. Light greens were beneath the trichomes surrounded by a high amount of orange pistils. Under the macro lens for a closer look revealed the trichome intensity. By far the best flower I have photographed to date.  

Consumption Methods

Every vape session in the Mighty vaporizer was enjoyable and found myself vaping mostly between the temperatures of 170 to 185 Celsius (338 to 365F) with each session lasting around eight minutes. I had no issue going to higher temperatures but found sessions were shorter and wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. 

Rolled into a gram and smoked as a joint was pleasant, producing white ash and a nice smooth smoke during inhalation. As usual I preferred the vaporizer as I enjoy the taste more using that method. 

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this one and had a great time photographing the beauty of this grow. You can follow Pancakenap on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube

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