Community: Black Diamond by DJA



This flower was gifted to me back in early March of 2020 from a friend in Hamilton, Ontario who got it off a friend who grows their own. This review won’t be too detailed as I don’t have much information but let’s get to it.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

Unknown of the cannabinoid content and terpenes. My guess on the THC potency would be in the range of 15 to 20% based on how I felt after use.

I would suspect there was myrcene and pinene in this.  


Smell, Taste and Appearance

This was given to me in a zip lock bag and was quite dry so I used a Boveda to bring some moisture back to the flower. It smelled earthy and woodsy, and when vaped it also had hints of berry. 

Appearances were good on this dense bud with a heavy blanket of trichomes but under the macro lens you can see the trichome heads were shaved off with a trimmer or something, this is a first among home grows I’ve evaluated.

Consumption Methods

Since I only had a few vape sessions in the Mighty vaporizer I found myself vaping mostly between the temperatures of 180 to 185 Celsius (356 to 365F) with each session lasting around eight minutes or so.

Never had the chance to try this in joint form, can’t detail on the ash quality or smoke.


Words From The Grower

Unfortunately I never had contact with the grower, no words from the grower on this one.


Final Thoughts

I enjoyed vaping this homegrown flower and it was tasty! I wish we had this cultivar by a licensed producer as it provided me with the relief I needed.

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