GoFundMe – Taking VapeTheBud to the next level


I have been reviewing cannabis as a medical patient in Canada for almost five years and I recently launched my website vapethebud.com  and would like to enhance the reader’s experience by starting a monthly email newsletter and providing better photos as I currently use an iPhone with a cheap zoom lens for my current photo shoots.

A few of my goals in the near term,

1. Have a mailbox service with UPS. This will allow me to begin the monthly newsletter service for updates that have happened on my website, as well give fans another way to reach out directly or possibly vapourizer companies could send me vapes to review and in turn lead to giveaways! –  $239 for 1 year of service in my area with UPS.

2. A DSLR/Mirrorless camera. Out of reach for myself when cannabis cost is high and for a decent model, like the Canon EOS Rebel T7, this would allow me to provide better photos and have more control over the output.  –  Cost varies from $499-749 depending on model.

3. An ultimate goal would be to have the Laowa 25mm Macro lens attachment for the camera. The cost is prohibitively expensive for myself, but the results are stellar and comparable to the Canon MP-E 65mm Macro lens. –  Cost is $629.99 plus tax.

Once each goal reaches the amount required, I will proceed to purchase with proof on social media, my website and the GoFundMe page.  The cannabis community has been the greatest community I’ve been apart of and helping other medical patients make better choices has been my goal since day one.

Thank you!

GoFundMe link

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