GoFundMe Update – July 29 2019


Last week my GoFundMe account reached 52.5% of the total goal!

Thank you so much to the eight donors who have donated so far.

The total amount raised as of today is $525, of which $17.63 was fees, leaving $507.37 available.

As some of you are aware, I opened the PO Box on July 18 2019 at the cost of $254.24 for 13 months of service. This allowed me to provide a fixed address for an email newsletter so I could comply with federal privacy laws. After this was paid, the amount left in my account is $253.14, all of which will now go towards the camera purchase and lens.

As of July 29 2019, I am able to set aside $50 each month and put it towards my goal. Amount available for the camera is now $303.14! This number won’t reflect on GoFundMe, but wanted to advise others and will update this amount at the end of each month in a new post.

Thank you again!


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