GoFundMe – The State of the Flower


Hi I’m Shane the sole person running VapeTheBud.com and have been taking photos and reviewing cannabis for over five years on the Lift & Co review platform. As of July 2019 I started a website to make it easier for the community to read my reviews in more detail and adding quality photos.

As a medical cannabis patient the cost of cannabis per month has reduced my allowable monthly spend on other things that many consider a hobby. I recently purchased the Laowa macro lens as an early gift to myself and the community. This will be paid back over time to a long time friend as I believe the community deserves high quality content without ads. I do not make any money writing long form reviews on my website and haven’t monetized it.

I would like to buy a microscope that will take unimaginable photos of the flower rarely seen and would love to have an album full of these photos to show the magnification of the flowers in our regulated market.

Seeing trichomes extremely up close will show the colour of them and help determine if they were harvested too early, too late or just right! This affects the output in effects said by many, as dark amber trichomes may represent a late harvest and lead to stronger couch lock feelings.

I’m currently using a cheap Amazon product  to show the detail (640×480 resolution) and the quality is fairly poor compared to what I could capture . The cost is $363.99 + tax for the microscope  and $135.99 + tax for the Nikon camera adapter  (total cost $564.98 with taxes).

An example is provided below and my GoFundMe can be found (here).


For those not aware I previously ran a GoFundMe for a camera and achieved that goal on Aug 22 2019. I ordered the NIKON D5300 DSLR camera which came with a 18-55mm lens and I purchased a variety of accessories (Kenko Extension tubes, Tripod – see attached receipts below – some info redacted for privacy).

Thank you to those that have donated and supported me so far. I didn’t expect to reach my previous goal so quickly. I also want to thank those that have shared my previous GoFundMe. To those that can’t donate due to financial or personal reasons, I understand we all have budgets and know you still support me. It means a lot having you support my work with inspiring words or even having a brief chat about cannabis. Thank you again, I’m beyond grateful.


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