Dear Cannabis Community – February 2020


First and foremost, this is just my personal opinion and any wording used here should be treated as such. 

To the cannabis community, 

As some might be aware I recently had an issue with a licenced producer (LP) on the quality of the flower and asked directly on Twitter as I couldn’t directly message them. I have taken hundreds of photos over the years and never seen anything like it and asked if I should be concerned. Many began to speculate on the matter and then the LP reached out to me to look into it further and gave me a possible explanation. I took down the post after feeling the answer I got was satisfactory. Instead  it seemed to fuel the fire. Hateful DMs were sent and comments about my integrity on reviewing cannabis and about being transparent. 

I reposted said issue without tagging them and later tagging them in an update after looking further into what they said. I believe in being transparent about all my experiences and looking back I took the wrong approach initially.

Seven dried flower reviews are in the current queue to be posted on the website and some are from a month ago or so. Once those are posted I will be reviewing cannabis in a different way. This will lead to posting a “quick look” video on YouTube, then reviewing a product within a week or two after consuming it and any issues found will be shown or written in the review as such. This process should begin sometime around April 20th.

Many of us in the community buying LP products on a continual basis may have had an issue at some point and these issues need to be shown so these companies can do better when such things arise. This also serves medical patients like myself to understand cannabis better, what is quality cannabis and what matters to us. A second part write up will follow this soon and will be directed to the industry but also my passionate cannabis peers will likely want to read it.

Thank you to those that have reached out to me in a positive way over the last few days, your support has greatly helped me during a situational time.

EDIT// December 2020 – YouTube videos have been removed

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