Dear Cannabis – July 2020



Yesterday was the anniversary of launching the VapeTheBud website, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started it! Things have slowed down over the last couple months due to a variety of things and figured it would be easiest to write it out and share what’s been happening, statistics over the past year and future changes. Turns One


In the one year of running this website I accomplished writing 54 licensed cannabis opinions, of which two were cannabis oils and the rest were packages consisting of at least 3.5 grams of dried flower or more. I choose this amount as I like to have at least two or three days with the cultivar and see how it works out in various situations and using varied temperatures, all being timed to see how long each session lasts to give a baseline of how to vape. The time and temperature mentioned is dependent on using the Mighty vaporizer as other vaporizers will vary due to different heating elements and the way it’s designed.

I plan on creating a list of cultivars I enjoyed and would buy again, although these worked for me, they might not work for you the same way. Keep in mind every review you read is subjective to the reviewer, their experience and understanding of the plant. Different outcomes can also happen due to a different lot number and package date, which brings me to alert others that any review over 6 months should be viewed as past material and quality may have changed since, for better or for worse.


Website Statistics Over The Year

Views and Visitors — In the first six months from July 1 2019 until December 31 2019, the website had 5,938 views and 2,198 unique visitors, then from January 1 2020 until June 30 2020 there were 11,132 views and 3,876 unique visitors. For the first year this totals to 17,070 views and 6,074 unique visitors which was automatically gathered by the WordPress application. 

Most Viewed Review — While the most viewed review is hard to pinpoint since my website is set up as a blog, people who clicked on the actual link to the review shows that Jean Guy Oil by KKE was the most viewed with 1,603 views, which was written on December 8th 2019.

Countries — This website has been viewed all over the world from a total of 55 countries, with people from Canada and the United States making most of the visits. 


What’s Been Happening

My personal life has kept me busy the last few months, we’ve been looking at moving for a while now and the timing of things were aligning despite our world battling a pandemic. I’ll be leaving Halton Region in a few weeks and moving to the Niagara Region which is in Ontario, Canada.

Also, earlier in 2020 I began having eye issues and had to get corrective glasses, unfortunately my issues persisted and my eyes were always dry, heavy and tired feeling with slight burning and blurry vision. A few weeks ago I saw an ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis, in short my eyelids are inflamed and aren’t making tears and general eye drops didn’t help. 

Without proper treatment this could lead to cornea scarring which may lead to blindness, and since I’ve been taking a variety of eye drops, four in total per day, one of them being four times a day and takes almost an hour total each day to get through. I’ve been advised that the eye treatment can take 6-12 months, with signs of relief in a matter of weeks, so far there’s some improvements but I can’t handle looking at a lit screen for more than an hour at best nor play any video games without my eyes drying out severely.

A followup appointment is booked in two months time and will determine whether or not I have to take a break completely from using cannabis, this will be difficult as it has helped me greatly avoid taking opiates for chronic pain constantly throughout the day. Months ago I reduced my cannabis intake as it can cause dry eyes, but I don’t believe this was the cause as I do have Crohn’s disease which can cause extraintestinal manifestations, thankfully my stomach isn’t currently inflamed and all is well there.


Future Changes

I was working on a rating system earlier this year until the eye issue happened, unfortunately that’s been delayed for now as my focus is on the new house and getting my eyes back in shape. Due to the move and my new location being an hour away I will be cancelling the P.O. Box I had at the end of July 2020, unsure if I’ll reopen another in the new town I’m moving to but advising those who sent me homegrown flower, baked goods or swag for giveaways to remove my address. I appreciated it very much and will inform you if I open a new one. 

The email mailing list is also being discontinued, future updates will be posted on social media which you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I’ll post a link of what’s new and changed. The YouTube channel is still continuing, this is just a place to give others a view of what’s to come and is a resource for my website for others to view an unboxing before the review.

For now, reviews will still happen although at a much slower pace and my presence on social media will continue to be seen but at a reduced rate. I may shift to writing articles in the short term or showing other ideas in the near future for you to enjoy. 

I hope to be back at full speed soon, thanks for reading!

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