Dear Cannabis – July 2020


Yesterday was the anniversary of launching the VapeTheBud website, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started it! Things have slowed down over the last couple months due to a variety of things and figured it would be easiest to write it out and share what’s been happening, statistics over the past year and future changes. Turns One


In the one year of running this website I accomplished writing 54 licensed cannabis reviews, of which two were cannabis oils and the rest were packages consisting of at least 3.5 grams of dried flower or more. I choose this amount as I like to have at least two or three days with the cultivar and see how it works out in various situations and using varied temperatures, all being timed to see how long each session lasts to give a baseline of how to vape. The time and temperature mentioned is dependent on using the Mighty vaporizer as other vaporizers will vary due to different heating elements and the way it’s designed.

I plan on creating a list of cultivars I enjoyed and would buy again, although these worked for me, they might not work for you the same way. Keep in mind every review you read is subjective to the reviewer, their experience and understanding of the plant. Different outcomes can also happen due to a different lot number and package date, which brings me to alert others that any review over 6 months should be viewed as past material and quality may have changed since, for better or for worse.


Website Statistics Over The Year

Views and Visitors — In the first six months from July 1 2019 until December 31 2019, the website had 5,938 views and 2,198 unique visitors, then from January 1 2020 until June 30 2020 there were 11,132 views and 3,876 unique visitors. For the first year this totals to 17,070 views and 6,074 unique visitors which was automatically gathered by the WordPress application. 

Most Viewed Review — While the most viewed review is hard to pinpoint since my website is set up as a blog, people who clicked on the actual link to the review shows that Jean Guy Oil by KKE was the most viewed with 1,603 views, which was written on December 8th 2019.

Countries — This website has been viewed all over the world from a total of 55 countries, with people from Canada and the United States making most of the visits. 


What’s Been Happening

My personal life has kept me busy the last few months, we’ve been looking at moving for a while now and the timing of things were aligning despite our world battling a pandemic. I’ll be leaving Halton Region in a few weeks and moving to the Niagara Region which is in Ontario, Canada.

Also, earlier in 2020 I began having eye issues and had to get corrective glasses, unfortunately my issues persisted and my eyes were always dry, heavy and tired feeling with slight burning and blurry vision. A few weeks ago I saw an ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis, in short my eyelids are inflamed and aren’t making tears and general eye drops didn’t help. 

Without proper treatment this could lead to cornea scarring which may lead to blindness, and since I’ve been taking a variety of eye drops, four in total per day, one of them being four times a day and takes almost an hour total each day to get through. I’ve been advised that the eye treatment can take 6-12 months, with signs of relief in a matter of weeks, so far there’s some improvements but I can’t handle looking at a lit screen for more than an hour at best nor play any video games without my eyes drying out severely.

A followup appointment is booked in two months time and will determine whether or not I have to take a break completely from using cannabis, this will be difficult as it has helped me greatly avoid taking opiates for chronic pain constantly throughout the day. Months ago I reduced my cannabis intake as it can cause dry eyes, but I don’t believe this was the cause as I do have Crohn’s disease which can cause extraintestinal manifestations, thankfully my stomach isn’t currently inflamed and all is well there.


Future Changes

I was working on a rating system earlier this year until the eye issue happened, unfortunately that’s been delayed for now as my focus is on the new house and getting my eyes back in shape. Due to the move and my new location being an hour away I will be cancelling the P.O. Box I had at the end of July 2020, unsure if I’ll reopen another in the new town I’m moving to but advising those who sent me homegrown flower, baked goods or swag for giveaways to remove my address. I appreciated it very much and will inform you if I open a new one. 

The email mailing list is also being discontinued, future updates will be posted on social media which you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I’ll post a link of what’s new and changed. The YouTube channel is still continuing, this is just a place to give others a view of what’s to come and is a resource for my website for others to view an unboxing before the review.

For now, reviews will still happen although at a much slower pace and my presence on social media will continue to be seen but at a reduced rate. I may shift to writing articles in the short term or showing other ideas in the near future for you to enjoy. 

I hope to be back at full speed soon, thanks for reading!

Dear Cannabis Community – February 2020

First and foremost, this is just my personal opinion and any wording used here should be treated as such. 

To the cannabis community, 

As some might be aware I recently had an issue with a licenced producer (LP) on the quality of the flower and asked directly on Twitter as I couldn’t directly message them. I have taken hundreds of photos over the years and never seen anything like it and asked if I should be concerned. Many began to speculate on the matter and then the LP reached out to me to look into it further and gave me a possible explanation. I took down the post after feeling the answer I got was satisfactory. Instead  it seemed to fuel the fire. Hateful DMs were sent and comments about my integrity on reviewing cannabis and about being transparent. 

I reposted said issue without tagging them and later tagging them in an update after looking further into what they said. I believe in being transparent about all my experiences and looking back I took the wrong approach initially.

Seven dried flower reviews are in the current queue to be posted on the website and some are from a month ago or so. Once those are posted I will be reviewing cannabis in a different way. This will lead to posting a “quick look” video on YouTube, then reviewing a product within a week or two after consuming it and any issues found will be shown or written in the review as such. This process should begin sometime around April 20th.

Many of us in the community buying LP products on a continual basis may have had an issue at some point and these issues need to be shown so these companies can do better when such things arise. This also serves medical patients like myself to understand cannabis better, what is quality cannabis and what matters to us. A second part write up will follow this soon and will be directed to the industry but also my passionate cannabis peers will likely want to read it.

Thank you to those that have reached out to me in a positive way over the last few days, your support has greatly helped me during a situational time.

GoFundMe – The State of the Flower

Hi I’m Shane the sole person running and have been taking photos and reviewing cannabis for over five years on the Lift & Co review platform. As of July 2019 I started a website to make it easier for the community to read my reviews in more detail and adding quality photos.

As a medical cannabis patient the cost of cannabis per month has reduced my allowable monthly spend on other things that many consider a hobby. I recently purchased the Laowa macro lens as an early gift to myself and the community. This will be paid back over time to a long time friend as I believe the community deserves high quality content without ads. I do not make any money writing long form reviews on my website and haven’t monetized it.

I would like to buy a microscope that will take unimaginable photos of the flower rarely seen and would love to have an album full of these photos to show the magnification of the flowers in our regulated market.

Seeing trichomes extremely up close will show the colour of them and help determine if they were harvested too early, too late or just right! This affects the output in effects said by many, as dark amber trichomes may represent a late harvest and lead to stronger couch lock feelings.

I’m currently using a cheap Amazon product  to show the detail (640×480 resolution) and the quality is fairly poor compared to what I could capture . The cost is $363.99 + tax for the microscope  and $135.99 + tax for the Nikon camera adapter  (total cost $564.98 with taxes).

An example is provided below and my GoFundMe can be found (here).


For those not aware I previously ran a GoFundMe for a camera and achieved that goal on Aug 22 2019. I ordered the NIKON D5300 DSLR camera which came with a 18-55mm lens and I purchased a variety of accessories (Kenko Extension tubes, Tripod – see attached receipts below – some info redacted for privacy).

Thank you to those that have donated and supported me so far. I didn’t expect to reach my previous goal so quickly. I also want to thank those that have shared my previous GoFundMe. To those that can’t donate due to financial or personal reasons, I understand we all have budgets and know you still support me. It means a lot having you support my work with inspiring words or even having a brief chat about cannabis. Thank you again, I’m beyond grateful.


Dear Cannabis Community – 5 Years and Onward

Dear Cannabis Community,

I started vaping prescribed cannabis for medical reasons five years ago today, how time flies! My first strain, ahem, cultivar, was Sweet Skunk CBD by Tilray, and my latest was Rockstar Kush by JWC, my 121st different named flower, although many would say I’ve tried more than that. Take for example Blue Dream, a well known cultivar, Tantalus Labs dominant terpene is pinene, while Aurora Cannabis phenotype is myrcene dominant,  if that’s the case then my number is officially at 152. 

Yup, I’ve consumed a lot of cannabis, just this year alone I’ve consumed 378 grams on my own from the Canadian medical market, but who’s really counting. Being part of this community is about sharing and today I’m sharing some answers to questions I’ve been asked over the past year.


Why do I use cannabis? 

I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis (AVN) of the hip in 2011 after dealing with inflammation and ulceration of the stomach lining, and prednisone was prescribed for a short period that resulted in this horrible side effect. A few days into treatment I recall waking up, stepping out of bed and falling to the floor, I couldn’t walk and began to panic. I was rushed to the hospital and wheeled into the ER as I couldn’t stand as the pain was so extreme, I was advised that the pain was likely a side effect from the medicine, and told to reduce the amount per day and don’t bear too much weight, and over a few weeks things got “better”. The pain noticeably started to get worse month after month, and I began trying a variety of pharmaceuticals to reduce the pain. 

I had a hip surgery in late 2012, part of my femur was removed and a rod was inserted into the joint to hold up the hip to prevent a collapse as a temporary fix. I was taking opiates for a while to kill the pain, and in the spring of 2014 I asked my doctor to refer me to a medical cannabis clinic in Toronto.

I finally got to see the cannabis doctor at the end of August, and on September 4 2014 I took my first inhale using a vaporizer, the Pax by Ploom (now Pax Labs), and this was also my last day on Lyrica, which was used for pain management. I slowly began to wean off the opiates as my intake of cannabis was increased. 

What made me begin to review cannabis?

Back in 2014 my cannabis orders came with these little square papers mentioning rewards for reviewing your cannabis on the Lift & Co review website, back then it was called Lift Co. While the reward was a great incentive,my reason was to give my opinion so others could make informed choices, and at the time there wasn’t a lot of information regarding regulated medical cannabis.


The start of the unexpected

As time passed I think I wrote about 120 reviews, Lift & Co reached out to me on writing articles based on my personal experiences, and one of my highlights was when I wrote an article on reviewing over 100 different types of dried flower on April 20 2019.

I launched my website in July of this year to expand my writing and further detail my reviews. I still to this day add my reviews to Lift & Co as it was vital for me when researching what to buy next, and although the detail isn’t as elaborate as my long-form reviews, I like contributing to the community for the greater good. 


Do I have an end game?

I never had a plan when I started reviewing. I’m just going as I do, and although my reviewing isn’t profitable as I spend over $4000 a year on medical cannabis and earn ZERO dollars with this website. I just enjoy talking about my personal experiences and believe it helps others along the way or may even inspire others.

I encourage people to share their experiences as well on social media, cannabis friendly places like Lift & Co’s review platform, or even having your own website.

I remain committed to producing quality content for my readers, and all of the cannabis I have reviewed to date has been paid by myself. I don’t have an end game, but I do have goals on making my content higher quality. 

I love being part of this community and thank you for your support along my journey!



GoFundMe Camera Goal Reached!

I officially reached my goal to buy a camera! Thank you to every person who donated to support this, and to those who liked or retweeted, you made others aware how important this is to me. Thank you!!!

The search will begin for a camera this week and an update will be provided once it’s bought with a receipt to confirm the cost.

Thanks again!


GoFundMe Update – July 29 2019

Last week my GoFundMe account reached 52.5% of the total goal!

Thank you so much to the eight donors who have donated so far.

The total amount raised as of today is $525, of which $17.63 was fees, leaving $507.37 available.

As some of you are aware, I opened the PO Box on July 18 2019 at the cost of $254.24 for 13 months of service. This allowed me to provide a fixed address for an email newsletter so I could comply with federal privacy laws. After this was paid, the amount left in my account is $253.14, all of which will now go towards the camera purchase and lens.

As of July 29 2019, I am able to set aside $50 each month and put it towards my goal. Amount available for the camera is now $303.14! This number won’t reflect on GoFundMe, but wanted to advise others and will update this amount at the end of each month in a new post.

Thank you again!