Accessories: Personal Air Filter by Eco Four Twenty

I was given two of these personal air filters by Eco Four Twenty, one to review and give my thoughts on and the other to a friend, which I decided will be part of my 4/20 2020 accessory and swag giveaway. The cost is $39.20 CAD for the set which includes an air filter and a spare filter, or just two replacement filters for $26.00 CAD. You can find these on Amazon or buy directly from Eco Four Twenty. In the video I explain what I liked about it and show the quality materials being used. I found it useful during the winter months when I wanted to vape inside and was able to avoid going outside in the freezing cold. Great product and one I can recommend to others if they seek discretion and don’t want the lingering unwanted smells.

This is not a paid product placement, sponsorship or endorsement.