Cannabis: White Russian by JWC


AK-47 and White Widow Join Forces

White Russian is a cross of two well known types, White Widow and AK-47.

Appearance and Smell
These medium sized buds are bright green, covered in trichomes, a bit light and airy to touch but overall good structure. Aromas were a clear citrusy flower, with sweet earthy notes. With every JWC product I have tried so far, no humidity pack was needed to restore moisture, these buds were slightly sticky and far from being dried out. 

Potency and Price
The strength of this cultivar was 17.93% THC and 0.06% CBD, which is a little above average on the potency scale.  The package date was noted as June 26 2019, and was shipped to me a day later. I didn’t get around to consuming this until mid-July.

At JWC the price varies on amounts bought as a medical patient and since I purchased five grams, the cost was $11 per gram, plus tax. This price varies from $10 to $11 a gram.

Effects and Consumption Methods
For daytime use, I found one capsule (about 0.25 grams of flower) in my Mighty vaporizer was best and experienced a nice relaxing cerebral head high, with great pain relief in my joints and muscles. When using this at night, I consumed 0.6 grams which resulted in couchlock, slight tiredness and moderate dry mouth, which may help with insomnia. The best temperatures I found were 170C to 180C (338-356F) that produced a great amount of vapour without any harshness over a period of seven to ten minutes, 185C (365F) was too harsh for my liking.

When smoked in joint form, I noticed it produced dark ash, so I preferred this in the vape. Flavour was pretty weak in both formats.
Slowly the tapering of the effects began to wear off after about an hour of use, with most effects gone within the next hour. Total duration 90 to 120 minutes.

Listed on the JWC website, Pinene was the main terpene at 68.29% of its content, smaller amounts of Guaiol (8.46%), Ocimene (8.14%) and Caryophyllene (5.71%) were present. A few others were mentioned below five percent content. 

I found White Russian helped me greatly when dealing with chronic pain and would buy it again in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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