Cannabis: West Coast Sour Diesel by JWC


Memories Of Sour Tangie

West Coast Sour Diesel is one of the newest cultivars I’ve tried by JWC and this particular one reminded me of Sour Tangie that was purchased off the JWC medical website in early December 2019 from this Kitchener, Ontario licensed producer. 

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

As I began my review I checked the THC content on the container which showed 18.90% THC and 0.06% CBD.

Based on the data from the JWC website, 33.23% of the terpene content was Limonene, 23.64% was Nerolidol, and b-Caryophyllene at 11.34%. Others were listed with a value of under 10% content. Total measured terpenes showed 1.667%.

Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

The price varies on amounts bought from $8 to $10 per gram. Since I bought five grams the cost was $10 a gram plus tax off the JWC medical webstore. Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.

This was packed on December 10th 2019, a day after purchase which is typical of JWC. I got to reviewing this on January 8th 2020 but opened the container on December 18th 2019, so the product remained packaged for 9 days before opening.


Smell, Taste and Appearance

Smell and taste of West Coast Sour Diesel was herbal and orange with hints of lemon, and if you tried Sour Tangie before you would think it was similar, although this wasn’t as pungent.  

Appearances were good, moderately dense, light and dark greens with light orange pistils throughout. There was no immediate need to use the provided Boveda humidity pack but was used to maintain the relative humidity for freshness.

Consumption Methods

With every review I’ve ever done I try a minimum of six temperatures and see how long each session lasts. This may vary by each device and the one used here was the Mighty vaporizer. 

Noted below I found 180 degrees celsius (356F) the best with sessions lasting about seven minutes using around 0.25 grams of cannabis. Other temperatures worked fine, lower temperatures offered less dense vapour but effects felt the same regardless if I vaporized at higher temperatures.    

170C (338F) – 8 minutes
175C (347F) – 8 minutes
180C (356F) – 7 minutes – Best
185C (365F) – 7 minutes – Ok
190C (374F) – 6 Minutes – Ok
195C (383F) – 4 minutes

In joint form the smoke was smooth, no relighting was needed but dark grey ash was noticed. The after taste was like an orange peel and dry mouth was very noticeable after smoking.


Subjective Effects

On a per session basis of consuming 0.25 grams, there was mostly a body high feeling with a slight creative mind boost and feeling energized. I found this was best for the daytime and the duration of effects lasted about 90 minutes..

Dosing 0.75 grams over six hours resulted in feeling slightly anxious and aggravated acid reflux. To note, most limonene terpene dominant cultivars make me feel this way, sometimes not even when dosing high.


Final Thoughts

This isn’t something I’d buy on the regular as I wasn’t a huge fan in terms of effects but it was nice to enjoy the flavour in the vaporizer during the day. I have other daytime cultivars that I prefer over this, but if you’re a fan of the limonene terpene it might be desirable for you. 

Thanks for reading! 

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