Cannabis: Wagner GE by JWC


Best in class daytime CBD

I don’t have much interest in CBD varieties as I firmly believe high THC works best for me, however I was curious to try Wagner GE as I read some reviews about it being a great 2 to 1 ratio flower for pain relief and wanted to see how it held up. I’d like to note my tolerance level is fairly high. 



That 2 to 1 ratio represents two times the rated CBD over THC, in this case the CBD noted was 13.14%, while THC had a value of 6.51%.

Package date was a day after I ordered, showing June 26 2019, and I didn’t get around to reviewing this until July 18. I made sure the container was sealed and stored properly until I was ready to consume it.

Price and Shipping

Currently JWC only offers their products with a valid medical prescription and the cost varies per gram from $8.67 to $11, since I bought five grams, it was $11 plus tax per gram. Shipping was free as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat with Canada Post or Purolator.


Smell and Appearance

Noticeable earths with floral and wood undertones were present, was similar to walking through a forest with wildflowers scattered around. It was very pleasant and unsurprisingly I didn’t need to use a humidity pack after opening as the moisture content was perfect.

Four large green buds, each weighing over a gram and when given a nice squeeze showed the great density these flowers had while reverting back to shape after placing them into the grinder. Trichomes were healthy looking, nice opaque cream colour with dark orange pistils and a few hints of purple.


Consumption Methods

I didn’t consume this at all in joint form as I wanted to extract as much CBD from these buds as best as possible, and I found the best temperatures on my vaporizer was around 170C to 185C (338F to 365F). I may have missed out on the Linalool which does require higher temperatures, but that’s a write up in itself for another day



Calm, creative and relaxed were the highlights, nothing overpowering, great for daytime consumption. Pain relief was good, but great required a couple sessions with the vape  to achieve greatness. Effects lasted around 90 minutes.



Ocimene took 24.51% of the terpene content, and closely behind was Caryophyllene which had 21.94%. A close third was Linalool with 17.22% content, and likely explains the floral smell. Many other terpenes were present with values below 10%.



My high tolerance to cannabis is leading me to not buying this again, although I would try it again as I now have a water adapter that lets me vape higher temperatures without such issues.

I would recommend this to new consumers of cannabis or someone who needs to stay focused during the day without heavy euphoria from the vast amount of high THC cultivars on the market. 

Thanks for reading!

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