Cannabis: Stryker (Star Killer) by Broken Coast


A Past Favourite Rekindles Memories

The last time I enjoyed this cultivar was from Aurora Cannabis when they sold some of Broken Coast‘s products on the medical market back in November 2017. This was a favourite of mine then and still is now.


Cannabinoid Content and Packaging

The value of the THC content shown on the container was 18.3% and 0.04% CBD. This would be considered above average in terms of THC content. No other known cannabinoids were listed on the Broken Coast website so the rest remains a mystery at this time.

Package date was June 11 2019. This was purchased August 13 with my other Broken Coast products and was consumed September 3 2019. The days between packaging and opening the container, 85 days.


Price and Shipping

This was a medical purchase off the Broken Coast Cannabis website. I paid $11.08 per gram plus tax, total being $12.52 per gram after tax since I live in Ontario. There were no discounts given when ordering bulk and no compassion pricing program exist for medical patients. 

Shipping was free with Canada Post as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $5 flat.


Smell and Appearance

Typical kush smells of earth were very noticeable and probably why I enjoyed this particular cultivar. Slight undertones of lemon were apparent after grinding the flower. No humidity pack was needed to restore the moisture balance. 

Three round buds consisted of the contents inside. Two weighing just over two grams each, while the other around a gram in weight. Appearances showed high amounts of glittering trichomes over the purple leaves and long orange pistils blending in. This was a flower I really enjoyed capturing. 

Consumption Methods

Using my Mighty vaporizer with the dried flower I found most of my sessions lasting between seven and eight minutes using temperatures in the range of 170 to 185 Celsius (338 to 365 Fahrenheit). 

With the water adapter attached to the vapourizer my preferred temperature was 190 to 195C (374 to 383F) for about a seven minute session. Higher temperatures were achieved but session times were under four minutes and flavour loss was quicker.



Increased creativity and pain relief was great. Higher doses over 0.75 grams yielded stronger sedative effects and helped my insomnia. When I preferred to relax around a few friends while still getting relief from chronic pain I consumed lower doses around 0.25 grams. I was a bit hazy minded but had a good time. The effects lasted around 90 minutes to two hours before needing to medicate again.



Caryophyllene was the dominant terpene in this profile according to the terpene chart on the Broken Coast website at 0.46. Myrcene 0.31 and likely attributed to the sedative effects. Limonene had a value of 0.23 and a possible link to the creative moments I had. A few others are noted with lower values, Terpineol 0.11, b-Pinene 0.06, and a-Pinene 0.04.


End Thought

Stryker (Star Killer) remains as one of my top 10 favorite cultivars on the canadian market. The smell is amazing, the look of the flower is remarkable and while always subjective, the effects for me were great. All around a great flower. Good job Broken Coast Cannabis!  

Thanks for reading!

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