Cannabis: Shishkaberry by Thrive via PureSinse


Another “Premium” Grow Misses The Mark

This review is part of a larger write up on various Shishkaberry grows I evaluated called, Battle of the Shishkaberry. This cannabis flower is from Thrive, a company out in Ontario who is owned by TerraFarma. They claim to be growing premium quality as a small-batch craft cannabis company. I ordered this from PureSinse which is a 3rd party provider of licensed produced cannabis in Canada.


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The label on the container showed a value of 15% THC and zero CBD.

Listing four of the top terpenes noted from the PureSinse website I was able to find that Pinene had a value of 0.20% and was the leading dominant terpene. Linalool had a smaller value at 0.12%, with Bisabolol at 0.07% and Camphene at 0.06%. Other terpenes were present at much lower values. The amount of terpenes in total were quite low for a “premium” grow.


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

I purchased 3.5 grams from PureSinse at the cost of $9.50 per gram plus taxes. The cost of shipping was free with Canada Post since my order was over $100, otherwise it would’ve been $9.49 for the cheapest shipping option.

The package date on the container was noted May 23rd 2019 and was ordered on October 28. I began reviewing this on November 18, which means the product was packaged for 180 days before being opened.

Smell and Appearance

Due to the buds being really dry there wasn’t much of an aroma to it. Slight muted berry tones if anything. I used a humidity pack at my expense to try and bring back the moisture levels, it helped a bit. 

Under a macro lens the flower looks great with a mix of purple and green, and orange pistils everywhere. If this was hand-trimmed I doubt the entire process was done this way, the trichomes look like many were buzzed off with a trimmer. Grinds were fine when used with a grinder. Wasn’t ideal for rolling a joint.

Consumption and Taste

I used my Mighty vaporizer in the temperature range of 170 to 180 Celsius (338F to 356F) for about seven minutes using 0.25 grams of cannabis per session. Higher temperatures were okay but session length was reduced to around five minutes at 190C (374F). During all sessions it tasted like a nice red wine with some berries.  

In joint form it burned grey white ash, wasn’t the greatest and preferred consuming in the vaporizer.


Subjective Effects

An upper body head high was mostly noticed and the relief from chronic pain I deal with in my joints was adequate. I preferred using this in the evening and found the duration of effects lasted 90 to 120 minutes.


Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the effects of Shishkaberry, but the quality wasn’t above average. The overly dried out flower was the downfall and I have tried better varieties for the same cost or less. Perhaps this would’ve been a better experience if the order was direct as my luck hasn’t been so great with 3rd party vendors.

Thanks for reading!

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