Cannabis: Serratus by Tantalus Labs


Flexing the strength of Serratus

As a medical patient at the time with Tantalus Labs, I tried two potency versions of this cultivar, one at 11.53% and another at 16.34%. The 11% package made me feel relaxed and happy to hang with friends, the type of cannabis to enjoy with a group of people. In joint form it was one of my favourites to smoke, smooth and burned nice with white ash left behind. It was nice to have high quality cannabis again after weeks of failed product from another provider. Minor dry mouth and very slight dry eyes were common.

The 16% container made me feel the same way as the 11% but at higher doses (0.6g>) I was a lot more at ease (couchlocked) and pain relief was greater. My eyes were also a lot drier with the higher potency. Both smelled of pine and lavender, with slight woodsy notes. The dominant terpene was Pinene, which isn’t my favourite but liked how it made me feel focused at low doses (0.2g). No humidity pack was needed as the buds were finely cured and dried.

Price was $11.46 per gram as I ordered 10.5 grams. This price adjusts from $10.57 – $13.04 based on amounts bought per cultivar, which is the first licensed producer I’ve tried that offers this.

I would buy this again as I found it was effective and would place this beside a recent top shelf product I reviewed.

Smell, taste? Lavender, Pine, Woodsy

Dominant terpene: Pinene

Dry? Humidity pack needed? No, not needed

Density? Perfect balance, bounce back

Effects: Relaxed, focused, calm, happy, social, hungry, pain relief, increased hunger

Negatives: Minor dry mouth, slight dry eyes

Duration of effects? 90-120 minutes

Time used? Late afternoon / evening

Packaged Jan 4 2019 – 11%
May 2 2019 – 16%
Consumed June 20 2019

Price per gram: $11.46/gram plus tax since I bought 10.5 grams ($12.95 TAX)
Price varies $10.57 – $13.04 a gram

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