Cannabis Review: Jack Haze by 7ACRES


It’s All In The Terps!

I don’t buy from the retail cannabis market often as I’m a registered medical patient but decided to try a few from 7ACRES since I had positive experiences with them in the past. Jack Haze was an enjoyable cultivar and one I won’t forget by the strong smell. 


Cannabinoid Content and Packaging

When I purchased this off the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) the THC range was 16 to 22% on the website. When the order arrived the THC content shown on the container was 19.37% and <0.03% CBD. This would be considered above average in terms of THC content.

Package date was July 22 2019. This was purchased September 17 and consumed September 30. The days between packaging and opening the container, 71 days.


Price and Shipping

I purchased this the day it was released on and paid $14.27 per gram including tax since I purchased 3.5 grams. The price has slightly been adjusted and now cost $14.96 per gram. 

Shipping was $5 flat using Canada Post and arrived within two days from ordering. No free shipping options exist at the time of writing.


Smell and Appearance

Strong scents of pine and lime with slight undertones of earth were noticed. You can really smell the terpinolene with this one and I began to recall memories of Terpedo GE or Ghost Train Haze.

Most of the tight dense buds were around half a gram each, moisture content was perfect and required no humidity pack to restore the balance. Trichomes up close were visibly healthy looking.

Consumption Methods

My primary method was using my vaporizer in the temperature range of 170 to 185 Celsius (338F to 365F) for about seven to nine minutes.

Using the water adapter I managed to get to 200 Celsius (392F) and still produced a nice smooth vapour with taste intact. Since a higher temperature was applied I found my sessions to be around six minutes. 


Subjective Effects

The duration of my effects with this certain cultivar was the longest to date with close to three hours of feeling energized. I would advise others to use this during the day or when you don’t plan on sleeping for at least a few hours. I did feel slightly hazy minded at higher doses and being forgetful was common during use.



A limited amount of data on terpenes was available and this information was copied from the 7ACRES social media posts. Listed in ranges showed Terpinolene 0.60% to 0.90% as the dominant terpene, Myrcene 0.28% to 0.58%, Ocimene 0.19% to 0.40, and some Pinene 0.08 to 0.15%.


End Thought

I would buy it again but only on special occasions since the price is above my affordability to consume daily. While the price may deter someone from buying it, if you want one of the best high quality options and an enjoyable experience this is a good one to try out.

Thanks for reading, my next write up is Sensi Star by 7ACRES.

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