Cannabis: Med 01 by Bower via CannMart


Average At Best

Med 01 was grown by CannTx Life Sciences under the brand called Bower. This was purchased from CannMart’s medical website, which is a 3rd party provider of licensed produced cannabis in Canada.

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The label on the container showed a value of 12.63% THC and 0.05% CBD.

Based on the CannMart website the terpene profile displayed b-Pinene as the leading dominant terpene with a value of 0.216%. Caryophyllene held a distant second with 0.122% and smaller values were noted for a-Pinene (0.056%), Myrcene (0.027%) and Linalool (0.009%).


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

I purchased 3.5 grams from CannMart at the cost of $10 per gram plus taxes. The cost of shipping was free with Canada Post since my order was over $100, otherwise it would’ve been $9 flat.

The package date on the container was noted September 11th 2019 and was ordered on November 29th 2019. I opened the container on December 18th 2019, which means the product was packaged for 99 days before being opened. I began to review this on January 5th 2020.

Smell and Appearance

Upon opening the container I noticed a light sweet smell of floral and earthy undertones. The large dense bud was fairly dry and the Boveda pack inside was already dried out. I used a fresh Boveda pack that I had on hand and waited a week. The flower was in better shape with a bit more moisture but overall aromas were still dull.

Up close and in the lightbox I noticed the large bud was really colourful with light greens, dark purples and orange pistils throughout. The trichome coverage wasn’t the greatest but lightly scattered.

Consumption and Taste

Using the Mighty vaporizer with the dosing capsules holding about 0.25 grams of cannabis, I found the temperatures of 170 to 195 Celsius (338 to 383 Fahrenheit) with sessions lasting about seven minutes on the lower temperature scale to five minutes on the higher end.

Rolled into a joint I found the ash was pretty dark when burned, but the smoke was smooth to inhale. My preferred method was with the vaporizer.


Subjective Effects

Despite being low in THC compared to what I’m used to I did feel mildly sedated or as some say relaxed. Pain relief was average. The overall taste was okay, nothing special when vaped, earthy and light lavender. Food cravings were common after consuming this.


Final Thoughts

This was pretty average and not something I would buy again at the $10 mark. I did enjoy the effects from it and would probably rate it better if it wasn’t so dry after opening it. The fact the Boveda humidity pack was dried out shows that these large containers aren’t a good fit for 3.5 grams. Maybe a smaller container would’ve raised my rating.

Thanks for reading!

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