Cannabis: Sensi Star Oil by KKE


Space out and see the stars

Sensi Star Oil by KKE (Khalifa Kush Enterprises) uses flower from 7ACRES and is extracted at MediPharms Labs in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. This is one of the most potent oils I’ve used to date and my first cannabis oil review in long-form.  


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The information listed on the label showed 27.8mg of THC per mL and 0.8mg of CBD per mL, and in my personal view this is a high THC product. 

Unlike some oils on the market that remove the terpenes this brand keeps them by using a multi-phased approach using CO2 extraction for the highest quality output. As for what the terpene values are is anyone’s guess as they’re not listed, but the flower is dominant in myrcene and I would expect the same here. A few other notable terpenes are limonene and caryophyllene.


Price and Shipping

One 30mL bottle was purchased off the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) at the cost of $88.55 taxes included, which is about $2.95 per mL for 27.8mg of THC (just under 11 cents per mg of THC). The cost of shipping was $5 flat plus HST (13%) with Canada Post. No free options existed as of this writing and delivery took three business days to arrive.


Smell and Appearance

You wouldn’t be able to smell the oil unless you put your nose up to the opening of the bottle. Slight fragrances of a sweet cannabis plant with light earths are noticed, and when tasting the silky smooth yellow oil. Included in the packaging was a stopper to prevent the oil from spilling out easily and a perfectly labelled dosing dropper. I found measuring the dose was easy to use. 


Dosing and Subjective Effects

I started off with 0.5mL using the provided dropper and found good pain relief and relaxation, however I preferred 0.75 to one full mL for an optimal dose where I could still function. 

Effects took about 90 minutes to two hours to start working, this was the case when eating or without eating prior to dosing. I tried keeping the oil under my tongue for about a minute for quicker absorption and didn’t find a difference. 

The highest dose I tried was 2mL (55.6mg of THC) in one sitting, the effects were a lot stronger and I was couchlocked for the first hour or so once I started to feel it kicking in. At times I felt like I was floating and was slightly anxious. While this may sound concerning for some, I breathed in slowly and reminded myself that this is temporary and within an hour or so the peak hit and the effects started to ease into a nice calm and relaxing feeling. The pain relief I had was phenomenal the whole time!

Dry eyes were common among all doses, and noticeably stronger over 1mL. Slight dry mouth did occur as well. The effects lasted between four and six hours.

Keep in mind that some people may require higher or lower dosing. Always go low and slow to determine an optimal dose to ensure a good time. 


End Thought

While the cost may deter some from trying this oil, it’s worth every cent. This is one of the few brands on the retail side where they source from a single strain rather than a blended variety. I enjoy the terpenes being preserved as I believe they’re beneficial to the effect, and going this extra step shows the respect this plant deserves. 

At the end of the day I prefer to vape as the onset is quicker, but overall I found this to be a great oil to consume when my chronic pain is really bad at night. 

Thanks for reading!

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