Cannabis: Keats (White Walker Kush) by Broken Coast Cannabis


Far from weak, this is a heavy hitter

Taking another look at a Kush variety, White Walker Kush. Also known as Keats by the Broken Coast brand. This is my 27th among the Kush varieties out there. Like every Broken Coast product I’ve tried, none have required a humidity pack, something only a handful of other licensed producers can achieve.


Potency and Packaging

The potential THC was listed at 16.1%, many would say this is above average on the potency scale. While this may not be over 20% THC, I can assure you this isn’t weak by any means. 

Package dates were May 6 2019. This was purchased August 13 and was consumed August 17 2019. The days between packaging and opening the container: 104 days.


Price and Shipping

This was purchased on the Broken Coast medical website since I registered with them as one of my medical providers. I paid $11.08 per gram plus tax. There were no discounts given for ordering bulk and no compassion pricing program exist for medical patients. 

Shipping was free with Canada Post as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $5 flat.


Smell and Appearance

A sweet citrus aroma was noticed and as odd as this will sound, apples and mint is how I would describe the smell.

When pressure was applied it felt like a sponge and showed the moisture content was perfect. There was no need for a humidity pack. Visually up close it looked like many of the trichomes were amber, however many opaque ones were visible throughout the golden looking flower.

Consumption Methods

I found each session lasted seven to nine minutes with the Mighty vaporizer at 180C (356F), which is a great temperature for boiling the terpenes involved and enjoying the flavour. I did go to 190C (374F) with zero issues. 

In joint form, I wasn’t a fan of it at all. While it did produce white ash, it didn’t burn that well when lit. Perhaps the moisture content was too great. I removed it from the container and left it alone for a few days to dry out a bit and was better.



It was easy to nap if I wanted to when I consumed amounts over 0.5 grams as the couch lock effect was strong. Lower amounts (0.25 grams) weren’t as sedating but definitely an end of day cultivar. Don’t expect to be working out at the gym with this one, I just wanted to relax and eat. Pain relief was great like most Kush varieties that I’ve tried. Duration of effects was around two hours.



Keats had a great complex terpene profile and consisted of the following. Myrcene 0.12, Caryophyllene 0.08, A-Pinene 0.07, Limonene 0.06, B-Pinene 0.04, Terpineol 0.02



This is a cultivar I would recommend to people who want to consume at night or before bed. Many would consider this a heavy hitter. If you’re new to cannabis proceed with caution as it might be too strong. 

Thanks for reading!

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