Cannabis: Holy Grail Kush by JWC


JWC, My Eighth Medical Cannabis Producer

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking about JWC (James E. Wagner Cultivation) which is a medical cannabis company based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and intends on having retail products in the near future. Today we’re taking a look at Holy Grail Kush, which I paid $11 per gram for five grams and to note, this is the second licensed producer where the cost varies on amounts bought, from $8.67 to $11 per gram. Shipping was free as I spent over $150 on my total order. The date on the container stated this was packed on June 21 2019, while I purchased this days later, and reviewed this in early July. The potency listed was 20.25% THC and <0.09% CBD.


Appearance, Smell

Visually the buds looked great, vibrant greens across all the buds with some darker hues in areas. Pungent earths and wood tones completed the aromas, reminded me of OG Kush. Structure was dense and slightly sticky, no humidity pack was needed after opening to restore freshness, this was as fresh gets.


Effects, When to use, Consumption methods

With the high amount of THC, I found this cultivar provided great pain relief and a nice head high at 0.2 grams using the Mighty vaporizer with the dosing capsule, this amount was best used in the afternoons. While consuming 0.6 grams in one sitting, I found the effects much stronger and felt tired, where in this situation would best be used for the evening. I found vaporizing temperatures from 168C (335F) on the low end of the scale to 182C-187C (360-370F) on the high end were best. The effects lasted 60 to 90 minutes. Slight dry mouth did occur, but that’s fairly common for me.



The main dominate terpenes were Ocimene (25.36%) and Caryophyllene (20.57%) with Pinene (10.99%). Others were found below a value of 10%.


Pain relief is the key reason why I use cannabis, and it helped me greatly. I will buy this again as I found it effective for my needs and have added this to my list of favourites.

Thanks for reading!

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