Cannabis: Harlequin by Tantalus Labs


Packaging matters

I purchased 3.5 grams of Harlequin from Tantalus Labs directly as a medical patient in mid-June at the cost of $9.50 per gram, which the cost varies on amounts bought, from $8.55 to $9.50 a gram. The date on the package stated this was packed on October 24 2018, which makes it nearly eight months old when it arrived.

Appearance and Smell
Not expecting much due to its age and my displeasure of those bag packages, I finally opened it up and shook out the contents. Looking beautiful in photos, you can see the amber trichomes scattered across the flowers and brown pistils poking out of the greenish brown buds. When squeezed it didn’t break apart, had good composure but was pretty dry and crispy. I used a Boveda humidity pack at my expense and waited 48 hours. I could smell some light wood and earth tones, but nothing strong. I’m glad to hear the bags are done with at Tantalus Labs as they have switched to containers as pictured in my last review.

Effects and When to use
The 3.59% THC amount is really low for myself, but the 7.4% CBD worked in tandem and created a nice happy and focused feeling, which would be great for daytime use. I did prefer Watersprite by Tantalus Labs over this one, as pain relief was only light to moderate. Like with most types of cannabis, dry mouth is common but was minimal. Effects lasted 60-90 minutes.

Consumption methods
Using the capsule dosing method with the Mighty vaporizer, I found I needed to have three 0.2 gram sessions to get full pain relief. This is obviously due to the low THC amount which didn’t surprise me.

I rolled a couple joints as well and found the smoke was smooth and produced white ash, which many say is a good indicator of a great produced product.

I personally wouldn’t buy this again, more so on the fact of potency being too low for me, but I know many would enjoy this with the 1:2 THC/CBD ratio.

Thanks for reading!

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