Cannabis: Galiano (Northern Lights Haze) by Broken Coast


Fresher than the last Galiano, but different

I previously reviewed Galiano (Northern Lights Haze) at the end of June 2019 when I was with the Cannabis by Shoppers medical program, this was fresher than the eighth month old product I tried from them. Let’s take a look at this purchase that was directly from Broken Coast.



Rated slightly higher than my previous purchase, this container had flower tested at 19.9% THC and negligible amounts of CBD at 0.04%

On the label the package date was shown as April 29th 2019, this was reviewed on July 27th, a mere three months this container was sealed before I got to opening it.


Price and Shipping

The cost per gram was $10.30 plus tax, with shipping being free as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $5 flat with Canada Post or $15 with Purolator.


Smell and Appearance

Citrus earthy aromas were easily pronounced with a slight gas notes, much different than what I tried before. I didn’t favour the smell too much, my friend said it smelled of carpet underpadding. The texture was spongy and had a good squish to it which rendered back to its original form after compressing. No moisture pack was needed as these flowers were properly stored and sealed.

Out of the five gram container there were two massively large buds, beautiful dark greens with rampant amounts of brown pistils visibly shown. Trichomes are glittering and the heads of the trichomes look perfect, noting it was harvested correctly.


Consumption Methods

Was able to use higher temperatures with my vaporizer than usual but still preferred 180C (356F) on the vape as most terpenes boil off around that temperature anyways. I found vaping at 195-210C (383-410F) was best for the first four to five minutes of the session, then dropping it down around 175C (347F) if wanting to use high temperatures.

Rolled into a joint it burned great, very smoky and white ash was produced, unlike my last order of Galiano. I preferred this rolled up and smoked which is rare for me.



Started off with a noticeable head high, and then leading to an energized, happy and creative effect. Dealing with chronic joint and muscle pain daily is never great, and found this helped moderately with the pain. While dry mouth is often a common effect with cannabis use, it was more pronounced with this cultivar. At higher doses slight euphoria was common

This was best to consume during the morning or afternoon, duration of effects lasted around 90 to 120 minutes.



Two almost equally dominant terpenes were Myrcene (0.34%) and Limonene (0.30%). Caryophyllene was fairly high (0.26%), Pinene and a low amount of Terpineol were also present. 



This is perfect for someone who wants to get up and get the day going. I wouldn’t buy this again as I didn’t like the taste, and some have advised it likely wasn’t properly flushed before harvesting. I noticed this was almost completely different than my initial Galiano order in June, this is a hit or miss situation with Broken Coast I’ve heard from others and expect better consistency for future grows.

At least it wasn’t’ eight months old…

Thanks for reading!

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