Cannabis: Gabriola (Frost Monster) by Broken Coast Cannabis


Amping The Creativity

I found Gabriola (Frost Monster) a great cultivar to use during the daytime for expanding my creativity but some caution is advised.


Potency and Packaging

The potency on the container showed 22.1% THC and 0.05% CBD. This would be considered a high THC product. 

Package date was April 30 2019. This was purchased August 13 with my other Broken Coast products and was consumed August 31 2019. The days between packaging and opening the container: 108 days.


Price and Shipping

This was a medical purchase off the Broken Coast Cannabis website. I paid $11.60 per gram plus tax, total being $13.11 per gram after tax since I live in Ontario. The retail price for this wasn’t available at the time of writing. There were no discounts given when ordering bulk, although I wouldn’t expect much on five grams of cannabis  

Shipping was free with Canada Post as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $5 flat.


Smell and Appearance

Expect a sweet citrusy lemon smell with some earthy takes to it. The taste was very enjoyable in my vaporizer. No humidity pack was needed to restore the moisture balance. 

Frost Monster is frosty indeed. Heavily blanketed in trichomes with orange pistils. Applying some pressure to the flower resulted in no crumbling and bounced back to its original shape.

Consumption Methods

Using my vaporizer with the dried flower I found most of my sessions lasting between seven and eight minutes using temperatures in the range of 170 to 185 Celsius (338 to 365 Fahrenheit).

With the water adapter attached and using higher temperatures my sessions were slightly shorter. I found 190 to 195C (374 to 383F) to be optimal temperature and sessions lasting six to seven minutes before vapour quality diminished.



A slight heavy upper body feeling was noticed at first and then my joint pain began to fade away. Upbeat feelings and creativity increased. I was slightly dreamy but still mindful and able to capture some great thoughts. Dry mouth and an increase in hunger was obvious, have a drink or something to snack on hand. I usually do anyways so this didn’t bother me much. 

Duration of effects lasted around 90 to 120 minutes. Keep in mind effects are subjective and vary per individual.



Limonene was the dominant terpene with a value of 0.58. A nice variation of other terpenes are noted. Caryophyllene 0.29, Myrcene 0.20, b-Pinene 0.18, a-Pinene 0.16 and Terpineol 0.13



I would buy this again as I did enjoy this product but will keep it to special occasions as the price is fairly high. I found my experience comparable to a Sour Kush variety I had years ago. I wouldn’t use this continuously throughout the day since I found my acid reflux was acting up, I’ll use caution next time. I found this to be a common occurrence when the dominant terpene is limonene for some reason. 

Thanks for reading!

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