Cannabis: Critical Mass GE by JWC



Critical Mass GE is the 14th review I’ve done by JWC’s medical offerings, while I’m not generally a fan of low THC and high CBD cultivars for its weak effects since I’m used to high THC types, I did enjoy this one during the day.

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

THC content was 5.47% and a high amount of CBD at 9.64% as noted on the container. 

Based on the data from the JWC website, 37.17% of the terpene content was pinene and the leading dominant terpene. Further behind but worth noting was caryophyllene taking 19.49% of the content, and smaller amounts of other terpenes listed with under 10% content. Total measured terpenes showed 0.939% which is quite low compared to the rest of the JWC lineup.

Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

The price varies on amounts bought from $7 to $9 per gram. Since I bought five grams the cost was $9 a gram plus tax at the time of purchase off the JWC medical webstore. Shipping was free with Canada Post or Purolator as my total order was over $150, otherwise it would’ve been $10 flat.

This was packed on January 31st 2020, a day after I purchased this which is typical of JWC. I got to reviewing this on February 15th 2020 but opened the container on February 9th 2020 and took some basic notes, so the product remained packaged for 11 days before opening.


Smell, Taste and Appearance

Aromas were light on this one and gave notes of a sweet grass and earth upon opening, slightly reminding me of Jack Herer. It tasted better than it smelled and in the vaporizer there was a honey aftertaste along with the perceived smell.

The bud sizes were mostly around half a gram each, with a few smaller ones in the mix. All the buds were dense, each having a good amount of moisture and used the provided moisture pack to maintain freshness.  

In the macro shot below you can see the strong amount of orange pistils with some trichome heads intact. In the photos further away you don’t see them at all.


Consumption Methods

With every review I’ve ever done I try a minimum of six temperatures and see how long each session lasts. This may vary by each device and the one used here was the Mighty vaporizer. 

Noted below I found 185 degrees Celsius (365F) the best, with each session lasting about seven to eight minutes using around 0.25 grams of cannabis. Other temperatures worked fine and if you like lots of vapour then 190C (374F) might be your ideal.  

170C (338F) – 8 minutes
175C (347F) – 8 minutes
180C (356F) – 7 minutes
185C (365F) – 7 to 8 minutes – Best
190C (374F) – 6 minutes – Increased vapour
195C (383F) – 5 minutes 

I didn’t try this in joint form and cannot detail the smoke on this.


Subjective Effects and Final Thoughts

This was pretty weak as I’m used to higher THC flower, but as the effects were light it did give me the ability to function without sedation during the day and was enjoyable to use for getting my mind into a creative mode and providing some pain relief. Duration of effects lasted 60 to 90 minutes.  

I would buy this again if I was seeking something for the daytime and wanted to avoid a cloudy mind. This may be great for new medical patients seeking cannabis as the THC amount is low and the high CBD balances things out.   

Thanks for reading!

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