Cannabis: ChemDawg by JWC


Goodbye Stress, Hello Euphoria




The listed amount of THC had a value of 14.75% with CBD at <0.05%, which is around average on the potency scale, however don’t let that number fool you.  The container was packaged on June 26 2019 and began reviewing this on July 13 2019.



As a medical patient of JWC, I purchased 5 grams at the cost of $9 per gram plus tax. This price varies on amounts bought, from $7 to $11 a gram, the higher amounts bought result in less cost. Shipping was free as my total order was over $150.


Appearance and Smell

Like every JWC product I’ve tried so far, all of them had a great moisture balance and didn’t require a humidity pack after opening. I was a bit disappointed by the size of the buds as they were mostly the shape of a popcorn, and a couple slightly larger ones of that size, this is typical with many licenced producers when ordering small amounts. The density was great and had a Nerf ball feel to them. 

Visually these were gorgeous, frosted with purple hues among the greens, dark orange pistils everywhere, and smelled sweet and floral with hints of natural earths.


Consumption Methods

Primarily I used this in the vaporizer and found my preferred temperature throughout my session was 180 celsius (356F) for about 8 minutes. I did attempt higher temperatures around 185 to 190 celsius (365-374F) but could only get four to five minutes in before coughing occurred due to the hot temperatures. Keep in mind I find this common among most cultivars when vaporizing above 190C (374F) as the vapour is too hot  

While I prefer consuming using a vaporizer, I tried a gram in joint form and found when combusting the ash was dark, however to note the smoke was smooth and enjoyable, no irritation or coughing occurred. 



This product was more cerebral than a great pain reliever, but either way I enjoyed it to disconnect and relieve stress. At times creativity and social engagement were also increased.

Despite the THC value, it might be too potent for some and may trigger anxiety. I found repeated consumption in one sitting above 0.4 grams resulted in some euphoric feelings, such as feeling zoned out.

Duration of these effects lasted around 90 minutes, and found late afternoons or at night was the best time to consume this.



Listed from the JWC website, Nerolidol and Caryophyllene contained over 56% of the terpene content, which would be considered the dominant terpenes. Limonene and Bisabolol had much lower values but accounted for nearly 22% of the content together. Many other terpenes were present as well which had a value under 10%.



For stress relief and wanting to relax, Chemdawg is preferred. I have already purchased this a second time and will happily buy this cultivar again and again.

Thanks for reading!

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