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The cultivar that I bought from Shelter Market’s medical cannabis store was a 14 gram pouch of Canuck Cookies which is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. 

This is my first write up of a Verte West cannabis product who is based in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island. According to their website they use traditional methods when cultivating their flower by hang drying and hand trimming after it’s grown in soil, of which they use no chemical pesticides and take an all natural approach with pest management. 

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

THC content was 179 mg per gram as labeled or 17.9% THC for those who prefer that terminology, which I myself agree with more on dried cannabis. There was a minimal amount of CBD with less than <1%.

Terpene and other cannabinoid data was minimal on Shelter Market’s website, but listed Caryophyllene as the dominant terpene at 0.37%. Bisabolol (0.11%), Humulene (0.1%) and other terpenes (0.17%) accounted for the total terpene percentage of 0.75%, which is quite low and I didn’t expect strong aromas based on this data.

Canuck Cookies, Error Price


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

The price I paid back in October of 2020 was $4.27 per gram plus taxes for a pouch with 14 grams, costing a total of $67.52 after tax in Ontario, this was due to a pricing error on Shelter Market’s end and they honoured it. The usual price is $10 per gram plus tax for the same size, but when it’s on sale it goes for $8 per gram plus tax.

Shipping was free with Canada Post since my total order was over $99, otherwise a fee of $15 + tax would apply. The Purolator option was also available but had a fee regardless of the total cost of the order.  

Lot # 20-P75 was packaged on October 20th 2020 and was purchased on October 26th 2020. I received the package a few days later and opened it around December 20th 2020, which means this was packaged for 62 days before I began consuming it, but from packaging to arrival was about 9 days. Keep in mind, pack dates are not harvest dates but I had no concerns that this was old cannabis by any means.

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Smell, Taste and Appearance

While I didn’t expect a strong scent from this due to a low terpene percentage and the fact I opened this way longer than I usually do after getting a delivery, it did offer some muted tones of fruit and earth with slight hints of pepper (Hello there Caryophyllene!). 

The buds were a little bit on the dry side, but not unusable however I opted to use a couple 4-gram 62% Boveda humidity packs at my expense to draw some moisture back. I’ve found dried flower that has a good balance of moisture tends to be smoother in the vape.

Appearances were on the good side, out of the 14 gram pouch offered a few around 3.2 grams in weight, while others around the gram mark. Buds in lighter shades of green with some dark purples were coated in trichomes among orangish pistils. The macro shot above shows a good amount of trichomes with heads intact, a clear example of good hand trimming, whereas machine trimmed flower has them zipped off. 

Canuck Cookies, Verte West, Cannabis, VapeTheBud


Consumption Methods

Since I was without my Mighty vaporizer during the end of summer for two months for a warranty repair, I began using my Pax 2 again alongside the Mighty when it returned. I found both devices using temperatures around 193C (380F) the best in terms of vapour production and keeping a good flavour profile over an 8 minute session.   

In joint form the ash was grey, a little bit on the dark side but the smoke was smooth and enjoyable.


Subjective Effects

Since I had to cut down on my cannabis intake to a single session a day (around 0.25 grams) due to my ongoing eye issues, I found this to be a heavy hitter and was quite sedating with great muscle pain relief. I’m sure people who enjoy cannabis multiple times a day would be able to use this anytime of the day, as I was able to at one time, but in my current situation I found myself keeping this to an evening occasion which worked out very well over the 50 or so days that it lasted me. Duration of effects lasted roughly 90 minutes before wearing off.


Final Thoughts

Without trying to remember how much I paid for this due to a technical error, I would say it’s worth the sale price of $8 a gram. $10 a gram may seem a little high for the amount bought, but some may find value in the craft aspect of it all and the clarity of their growing methods. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the dryness of the flower and the packaging. Regardless, I’ll try it again as I enjoyed the sedation effects and how it eased my daily muscle pains.  

Thanks for reading!

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