Cannabis: Big Laughing by JWC


A Cultivar That May Cater To Many




The listed amount of THC had a value of 17.65% with CBD at <0.05%, which is a bit above average on the potency scale.  The container was packaged on June 26 2019 and began reviewing this on July 10 2019.



As a medical patient of JWC, I purchased 5 grams at the cost of $11 a gram plus tax. This price varies on amounts bought,from $8.67 to $11 a gram, the higher amounts bought result in less cost per gram. Shipping was free as my total order was over $150.


Appearance and Smell

Big Laughing had a great moisture balance that it didn’t require a humidity pack after opening, and the buds were slightly sticky. The density was great and offered a good bounce back when squeezed. Most of the container contained popcorn sized buds, and a couple larger ones. 

Visually these were frosty looking, coated in trichomes with orange pistils poking out and smelled of an earthy pine with a nice herbal scent.


Consumption Methods

When reviewing I always consume a gram in joint form, and found this was very smoky with white ash being left behind. Perfect!

In the vaporizer, the flavour profile at 170C to 180C (338-356F) was best,  any higher than 182C (360F) the flavour is lost like many cannabis cultivars after a few minutes. I preferred staying around 180C (356F) and then near the end of the session going to 172C (342F). I start with using the capsule accessory with my Mighty vaporizer which holds around 0.2g of dried cannabis, and my sessions lasted around eight minutes before getting harsh.



I found consuming this in the evening was ideal as I felt slightly tired, and experienced a bit of couchlock at low doses. I enjoyed the head high with moderate pain relief that went along with it while listening to music. Slight dry eyes did occur. Consuming higher amounts in one sitting enabled stronger feelings of those effects mentioned. Duration of effects lasted around 90 minutes.



Listed from the JWC website, Ocimene and Caryophyllene contained over 40% of the terpene content, which would be considered the dominant terpenes. Pinene and Linalool had much lower values but accounted for nearly 25% of the content. Many other terpenes were present as well which had a value under 10%.


I found this particular cultivar may cater to many consumers, from increasing appetite, decreasing stress and aiding others to sleep. It wouldn’t be my first choice however as pain relief was moderate and the main reason why I consume cannabis.

Thanks for reading!

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