Cannabis: Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush) by Tweed


Not The Nostalgia I Was Seeking

Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush) was a favourite of mine when I was a registered medical patient with Spectrum Therapeutics, previously called Spectrum Cannabis and before that Tweed to medical patients. I wanted to see if improvements were made since I left them, unfortunately things haven’t changed for the better. This product is also on the retail market at higher prices at the time of writing.


Potency and Packaging

One would assume 20% THC is quite potent but the quality of the flower was poor. Please read the section further down as I explain why. Small amounts of CBD were present but not worth mentioning the value. 

This was packaged on April 15 2019 and purchased September 7, with the review being done on September 12. Just over 150 days passed before opening the container. 


Price and Shipping

The price on the Spectrum Therapeutics website was $9 per gram plus tax. Shipping was $4 flat with Canada Post or $8 with Purolator.

An additional provincial duty of $1.23 was added since I live in Ontario, this amount will vary depending on the province or territory you live in.


Smell and Appearance

The aromas haven’t changed since I last tried Bakerstreet in June 2017. Earthy, musty and slight notes of fuel, reminded me of an army surplus store or a damp basement. 

I wasn’t impressed by the flower at all visually, from a distance the flower looks okay, up close it didn’t look great. Trichomes were mostly amber and the colour of the flower was brown and had dull yellows with light greens. The flower was dry and crispy and the use a humidity pack came in handy, at my expense. Also, many of the buds were mostly small, some smaller than the size of a popcorn.

Consumption Methods

I didn’t bother smoking this and consumed exclusively in my vaporizer. Each session was seven to eight minutes at 175C (347F), I tried going higher but the vapour became harsh and irritated my throat. 

With a water adapter attached to my vape I managed to get to 190C (374F), however irritation occurred and preferred the lower temperature as noted above. 



The only positive thing I will say about this experience was the pain relief was good, which is why I love Hindu Kush. Other notable effects were a mild head high, slight dry mouth and increased appetite.

Duration of effects lasted around 90 to 120 minutes and found the best time to consume in the evening.



A basic terpene chart was available on the licensed producer website with myrcene being the dominant terpene at 68%. The secondary terpene being pinene at 22% and a couple others with values under 5%.



At $9 a gram you’re better off with a better quality product elsewhere. This is the last Tweed product I’ll ever buy unless major improvements are made and wouldn’t recommend it at all. The price is too high for the lack of quality and at one time this was $6 a gram which was slightly more appropriate. 

Thanks for reading!

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