Cannabis: Afghan Kush by Pure Sunfarms


Back To Back Kush Review

Afghan Kush is the 29th Kush variety I’ve consumed and my first review of a Pure Sunfarms product. This was chosen by a Twitter poll I ran during October 2019 as a community choice review and bought from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).


Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

The information listed on the label showed a potential 16.1% THC and had zero CBD. 

Very little terpene data was given on the OCS website at the time of purchase. Looking at the Pure Sunfarms website I found that myrcene, linalool, humulene, caryophyllene and limonene were part of the profile but no amounts were listed on what was the dominant terpene.


Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

I purchased 3.5 grams off the Ontario Cannabis Store at the cost of $7.89 per gram, taxes included. The cost of shipping was $5 flat plus HST (13%) with Canada Post. No free options existed as of this writing. Delivery took three business days. 

The date on the container was noted August 15, 2019 and was ordered on October 17. I began reviewing this on October 24, which means the product was packaged for 71 days before being opened.



Smell and Appearance

A strange fish-like smell was emitted after opening the pouch, some on social media describe it as smelling like kelp (a type of seaweed). Light notes of sandalwood were noted when grinded and the kelp smell wasn’t so abundant. When vaporized I tasted a woodsy sweet syrup which wasn’t too bad, unique to say the least.

The flower was airy and overdried, I partly blame the packaging they used as I’ve never had a great experience with any product that uses them. I used a humidity pack at my expense and waited 48 hours before consuming again, the end result was better. Bright greens and some light tan yellows were visible, slight concerns over how powdery the buds were but at five times magnification it was noticeable that it was covered in many clear trichomes.

Consumption Methods

While I preferred this in my vaporizer, I did get around to trying it in joint form and wanted to observe how it burned, it wasn’t pure white ash and was mostly grey or dark.

Using the vaporizer I found it easy to inhale and not harsh by any means. The temperature range I used with the dried flower was 170 Celsius (338F) to 190C (374F) and my sessions lasted eight minutes on lower temperatures, to five minutes at the highest temperature. 


Subjective Effects

Decent relaxation was achieved, pain relief was good with a heavy upper body and head high feeling. I didn’t have any negative effects from this, not even dry mouth. I found consuming this at the end of the day was ideal and the duration of effects lasted 60 to 90 minutes. 


End Thought

Afghan Kush gave me enjoyable effects but wasn’t my favourite in terms of quality. At best this is average and improvements can be made to make a better product.

Thanks for reading!

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