Dear Cannabis Community – 5 Years and Onward


Dear Cannabis Community,

I started vaping prescribed cannabis for medical reasons five years ago today, how time flies! My first strain, ahem, cultivar, was Sweet Skunk CBD by Tilray, and my latest was Rockstar Kush by JWC, my 121st different named flower, although many would say I’ve tried more than that. Take for example Blue Dream, a well known cultivar, Tantalus Labs dominant terpene is pinene, while Aurora Cannabis phenotype is myrcene dominant,  if that’s the case then my number is officially at 152. 

Yup, I’ve consumed a lot of cannabis, just this year alone I’ve consumed 378 grams on my own from the Canadian medical market, but who’s really counting. Being part of this community is about sharing and today I’m sharing some answers to questions I’ve been asked over the past year.


Why do I use cannabis? 

I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis (AVN) of the hip in 2011 after dealing with inflammation and ulceration of the stomach lining, and prednisone was prescribed for a short period that resulted in this horrible side effect. A few days into treatment I recall waking up, stepping out of bed and falling to the floor, I couldn’t walk and began to panic. I was rushed to the hospital and wheeled into the ER as I couldn’t stand as the pain was so extreme, I was advised that the pain was likely a side effect from the medicine, and told to reduce the amount per day and don’t bear too much weight, and over a few weeks things got “better”. The pain noticeably started to get worse month after month, and I began trying a variety of pharmaceuticals to reduce the pain. 

I had a hip surgery in late 2012, part of my femur was removed and a rod was inserted into the joint to hold up the hip to prevent a collapse as a temporary fix. I was taking opiates for a while to kill the pain, and in the spring of 2014 I asked my doctor to refer me to a medical cannabis clinic in Toronto.

I finally got to see the cannabis doctor at the end of August, and on September 4 2014 I took my first inhale using a vaporizer, the Pax by Ploom (now Pax Labs), and this was also my last day on Lyrica, which was used for pain management. I slowly began to wean off the opiates as my intake of cannabis was increased. 

What made me begin to review cannabis?

Back in 2014 my cannabis orders came with these little square papers mentioning rewards for reviewing your cannabis on the Lift & Co review website, back then it was called Lift Co. While the reward was a great incentive,my reason was to give my opinion so others could make informed choices, and at the time there wasn’t a lot of information regarding regulated medical cannabis.


The start of the unexpected

As time passed I think I wrote about 120 reviews, Lift & Co reached out to me on writing articles based on my personal experiences, and one of my highlights was when I wrote an article on reviewing over 100 different types of dried flower on April 20 2019.

I launched my website in July of this year to expand my writing and further detail my reviews. I still to this day add my reviews to Lift & Co as it was vital for me when researching what to buy next, and although the detail isn’t as elaborate as my long-form reviews, I like contributing to the community for the greater good. 


Do I have an end game?

I never had a plan when I started reviewing. I’m just going as I do, and although my reviewing isn’t profitable as I spend over $4000 a year on medical cannabis and earn ZERO dollars with this website. I just enjoy talking about my personal experiences and believe it helps others along the way or may even inspire others.

I encourage people to share their experiences as well on social media, cannabis friendly places like Lift & Co’s review platform, or even having your own website.

I remain committed to producing quality content for my readers, and all of the cannabis I have reviewed to date has been paid by myself. I don’t have an end game, but I do have goals on making my content higher quality. 

I love being part of this community and thank you for your support along my journey!



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