Cannabis: Bubba Kush by Whistler Cannabis (WMMC)


This is my first write up of a Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (WMMC) cannabis product, which is also sold under the Whistler Cannabis Company label on the retail side. Grown in beautiful British Columbia in a place called Whistler known for winter sport is where this cannabis was grown. 

All their cannabis grown at WMMC is certified organic by the FVOPA (Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association) and is compliant with the Canadian Organic Standards. Also to note, this particular cultivar by WMMC hasn’t been irradiated by any means and if it has it would show a plus (+) symbol beside the name of the cultivar, only two for sale as of this writing use irradiation and of which use e-beam sterilization. Much of the regulated Canadian cannabis market uses e-beam or gamma for sterilization, so it’s nice to see a licensed producer not using it entirely to compare and see if there’s any noticeable differences.

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

THC content was 227.4mg per gram as labeled or 22.47% THC for those who prefer that terminology, which I myself agree with more on dried cannabis. There was a minimal amount of CBD at 0.05%.

Terpene and other cannabinoid data was quite detailed on the WMMC website, listing Limonene (0.49%) as the dominant terpene with Caryophyllene (0.31%), Myrcene (0.26%) and Linalool (0.24%) with values over 0.2% and many others below that number. Total combined amount of terpenes showed a moderate amount around 1.75%.

Most licensed producers today don’t list anything else other than THC and CBD, while WMMC notes a few other cannabinoids with CBC at 0.22%, CBG at 1.47% and THCV at 0.12%, keep in mind these values will vary lot to lot and are potential amounts after heating them. 

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Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

The price was $13 per gram plus taxes for a container with 5 grams, costing a total of $73.45 after tax in Ontario. Shipping was free with Canada Post since my first order of the month is free, after that the cost will vary on the selected provider. I had the choice of Purolator at the time of shipping for free as well.

While I didn’t purchase this via the retail side, it does sell around $22 per gram with tax in a package with 3.5 grams for a total cost of $76.95. 

This was packaged on May 8th 2020 and was purchased on May 12th 2020. I received the container on May 19th and opened it on May 25th, which means this was packaged for 18 days. While the date of packaging sounds good, the harvest date remains unknown.


Smell, Taste and Appearance

The smell of Bubba Kush always reminds me of an army surplus store, dank and musty earths with a slight leathery scent. This also had notes of pine and lemon to boot while using the vaporizer and tasted great.

The flower was a little bit dry and dense but still usable the same day. I decided to use a humidity pack at my expense and after a day of being sealed the buds were sticky and at my preferred level of moisture of around 62%. I believe the dryness could’ve been avoided if the jar was properly sealed, there was no induction seal or anything other than the screw cap on top. They did use some plastic around the bottle on the outer part, but thankfully WMMC has since changed this method and is now properly sealing them according to an email I got in July 2020. 

The image above the section of price, shipping and pack dates shows a macro at 5x the magnification using a Laowa lens and we can see the trichome heads are intact and seems to be healthy looking. While with the image below, this is with a kenko extension tube using the same DSLR camera the trichome heads are hard to see. I sort of expected this from the manicured look of the bud. 

Bubba Kush, WMMC, Whistler Cannabis, VapeTheBud

Consumption Methods

With every write up I’ve ever done I try a minimum of six temperatures, each are individual sessions to see how long each lasts at a set fixed temperature. This may vary by each device and the one used here was the Mighty vaporizer. 

Noted below I found the temperature of 185 degrees celsius (365F) the best with sessions lasting about nine minutes using around 0.25 grams of cannabis. Other temperatures worked fine, lower temperatures offered less vapour but effects felt the same, while higher temperatures offered quicker sessions and slightly reduced flavour half way through.  

170C (338F) – 11 minutes
175C (347F) – 10 minutes
180C (356F) – 9 minutes
185C (365F) – 9 minutes
190C (374F) – 7 minutes
195C (383F) – 7 minutes 

In joint form it was observed that the ash was light grey, with the smoke being smooth during inhalation and enjoyed this more in the rolled format than vaporization, which is very rare for me to say.


Subjective Effects

Since I’m more seasoned with cannabis I found anytime of day would be okay to consume Bubba Kush, others may prefer to use this at nighttime as the effects noticed were a heavy head high and paired nice with a movie or kicking back and relaxing while listening to music. Pain relief was decent but the acid reflux after use was an issue with me and as previously mentioned in other opinions I’m finding the terpene Limonene the cause, generally when this is a high amount it seems to cause issues for me and my acid reflux is gone when fully abstaining from said cultivar. Duration of effects lasted roughly 60 to 90 minutes.


Final Thoughts

While I enjoyed this cultivation of Bubba Kush the high limonene isn’t for me due to acid reflux being triggered, if it wasn’t for that effect on me I’d likely buy it again. The retail price makes it unaffordable and I wouldn’t pay anything more than I did at $13 plus tax on the medical side. For those thinking about buying it on the retail side at the cost at $22 with tax in Ontario and you think organic is worth the premium by all means try it, but I wouldn’t say this is worth that nor any cannabis at that price per gram.

Thanks for reading!

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