Cannabis: Dayshift by Kingsway


This is my second review of a Kingsway cannabis product, it was labeled as Dayshift (91 Krypt OG) by the High12 company under the Kingsway brand. This is grown by Aurora Cannabis as mentioned on the label, which is based near Edmonton, AB. 

As described on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) where I purchased this, it was noted as having Captain Krypt and 91 Chemdawg lineage, which is OG Melon. Under Aurora’s medical program this is called Warwick #1 which I’ve previously wrote my thoughts on before.

Cannabinoid Content and Terpenes

THC content was 181.5mg per gram as labeled or 18.15% THC for those who prefer that terminology, which I myself agree with more on dried cannabis. 

Terpene and other cannabinoid data was minimal on the Ontario Cannabis Store website and mentions five terpenes as, Humulene, Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool and Caryophyllene

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Price, Shipping and Pack Dates

The price was $8.60 per gram with taxes on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) for a container with 3.5 grams, costing a total of $30.10. Shipping was free with Canada Post due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, otherwise it would’ve been $5 plus tax. 

This was packaged on March 26th 2020 and was purchased on April 30th 2020. I received the container on May 5th and opened it on May 16th, which means this was packaged for 52 days. While the date of packaging sounds good, the harvest date remains unknown.


Appearance, Smell and Taste

Without even putting a bud into my hand I could tell by the unique smell and look of the flower that this was indeed OG Melon. It had a nice fruity, tangerine type smell and visuals showed the flower were dusted with trichomes and had an airy composure. When lightly touched the bud began to break apart due to the dryness of the buds, which varied in size but were mostly small and nothing special.

The use of a humidity pack was needed at my expense to make it more worthwhile to use and I waited two days before consuming it again as it grinded to dust initially. This wasn’t an issue after the two days of remediation. 

Under the macro lens we can see a heavy blanket of trichomes, better than the Aurora review of the same product from earlier this year. Trichomes were mostly clear and my guess here is that this was harvested early, but you do see some amber ones there. Ideally I’d you’d like to see at least a mix of opaque and clear looking trichomes and here we don’t see that.

Dayshift, Kingsway, Aurora, VapeTheBud

Consumption Methods

With every review I’ve ever done I try a minimum of six temperatures, each are individual sessions to see how long each lasts at a set fixed temperature. This may vary by each device and the one used here was the Mighty vaporizer. 

Noted below I found 180 degrees Celsius (356F) the best with sessions lasting about seven minutes using around 0.25 grams of cannabis. Other temperatures worked fine, lower temperatures offered less vapour but effects felt the same regardless if I vaporized at my ideal 180C (356F). Higher temperatures around 190C (374F) resulted in a harsh taste. 

170C (338F) – 8 minutes
175C (347F) – 8 minutes
180C (356F) – 7 minutes
185C (365F) – 6 minutes
190C (374F) – 6 minutes
195C (383F) – 5 minutes 

In joint form the smoke was smooth and didn’t produce any coughing, however the ash was very dark. As usual I preferred vaporization to enjoy the flavour.


Subjective Effects

I did enjoy this cultivar from Aurora as it made me feel relaxed and was great for daydreaming, adding some creativity to my day but found repeated use led to triggering acid reflux and felt an upper tightness along with it. Laying down made the burning sensation ease and stopping the use of this particular cultivar eradicated the issue. Duration of the effects were short and lasted roughly 60 minutes


Final Thoughts

When I bought this and Nightshift by Kingsway I thought I was trying new cultivars but instead I learned ten minutes after my purchase that this was Aurora flower rebranded by a “brandhouse”, which is basically an outside company rebranding flower they bought at wholesale prices and running a marketing campaign. I do agree this is for a “dayshift” and the marketing was done right on that front, but by no means will I ever buy this again knowing what the quality is. 

On social media channels others have stated this is Daily Special Sativa, sometimes it’s OG Melon and sometimes Sour Tangie, since that’s cheaper at the time of writing I’d suggest you try that if you really want this. I won’t be buying either until I hear positive changes have happened as this flower was below average. 

Thanks for reading!